Kelsey: The Young Pop Artist With Hauntingly Beautiful Lyrics

Kelsey is the up-and-coming pop singer from New Jersey that is bound to grab the attention of listeners with her captivating and intimate lyrics. Kelsey has always been inspired by music from a young age and has expressed how the music that could instantly take hold of her mood and emotions were the songs that stuck with her the most. The captivating words of such songs are what motivates Kelsey with her songwriting today.

Leading up the release of her debut track ‘Nobody’, Kelsey has posted pictures on her Instagram @kelseyvibesss of her sat down on the floor, handwriting ideas for lyrics and captioning the post with teasers of the lyrics for the track. Opening her world up to fans for them to see everything that goes into the songwriting process is something that Kelsey is passionate about, she has done this also by releasing part of a documentary about her music-making on YouTube. You can watch part 1 of the documentary now for a sneak-peak and insight into what Kelsey is all about!

Lyrically, the track Nobody alludes to the haunting experience of being lost to the memory of a loved one and feeling like a stranger to someone you once knew so well. It is a ghost story, speaking of the power that haunting memories of a lost lover can have.

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Hitha is Following in the Footsteps of Pop Princesses Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande!

Aspiring to make a positive influence in this world, the Californian artist, Hitha, releases her new single ‘Standing Up With Pride’. At such a young age of thirteen, she is creating music addressing how overwhelming situations can appear, but she is determined to show everyone the light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the range of generations, Hitha claims that her music is relatable to all.


Her music is conveying the message of pursuing your true passion in life and letting go off everything negative. Her positive attitude is truly contagious and for sure will inspire all listeners. By being such a brave individual expressing how even young children struggle with depression and how it should be voiced out loud so that others can help make a difference is really supporting our society to move forward. Following in the footsteps of big pop artists with the likes of Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande, Hitha too is on her path to success.

Hitha, being raised by her two Indian parents, discovered a love for Bollywood dancing and traditional Indian singing but also Western musical traditions. This all-round entertainer as a dancer, writer, singer and musician initially made a name for herself through her renditions of cover versions on YouTube and things began to excel from there.

To create a more visual message to ‘Standing Up With Pride’, Hitha made a music video for it. She portrays the negative thoughts cleverly by having her video in black and white which later transforms into a world of colour when Hitha embraces the positivity.

This track is especially significant in meaning to Hitha herself as she says:

“It is my own story. One day, I decided to just let go of everything, just be positive and only pursue my passion – that decision changed my life. I believe this positivity is going to help many people. There’s always a positive ending if you try hard and don’t give up”

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Words: Alice Webb

Open Mic UK winner Birdy releases new album ‘Fire Within’

BirdyOpen Mic UK winner Birdy, is still soaring towards stardom as she reveals her brand new album – ‘Fire Within’ – which was released earlier this month.
‘Fire Within’ follows Birdy’s eponymous 2011 debut album ‘Birdy’, which saw the young star rise to success, hitting the Top 20 in the UK and fluttering to the top spot in Belgium and Holland. The album achieved Gold status in the UK, Platinum status throughout Europe and resulted in a gargantuan 148 million views on her YouTube channel.
Since winning the Open Mic UK competition and releasing her debut album, Birdy has worked with Mumford and Sons, appeared on ‘The Hunger Games’ soundtrack, and has performed live at the Sydney Opera House, which she has cited as “one of my favourite shows.”

Birdy on the Open Mic UK competition

Birdy first felt the heat of the spotlights when she came up against 10,000 hopeful acts in the national music competition Open Mic UK at the young and impressionable age of just 12. Arriving with her trademark beautiful voice and the dream of becoming a superstar, Birdy eased her way through the auditions into both the Regional and Area finals before her glorious win at the Grand Final, where she sang her own song ‘So Be Free’. You can watch her winning performance here:

River Studios

The prize for winning the competition was studio time with long-term Open Mic UK sponsor, Gareth Henderson of River Studios, and it was the tracks recorded with him during these sessions that lead to her eventual publishing and recording contracts. Birdy has remained loyal to the studios ever since, recording the only original song on her first album (Without A Word) there, as well as working with Gareth on the vocals for ‘Fire Within’ on a regular basis.

‘Fire Within’

‘Fire Within’ is Birdy’s second album to date and will be the first album that contains mainly her own song writing. Talking about the two years since her self-titled debut album, Birdy said “It’s been an incredible few years since I released my debut album back in 2011. I’ve been writing new songs and I’m so excited for people to hear them. They come straight from my heart.” The now 17-year-old has written/co-written all of the 11 tracks that feature on the new album, showing that she has progressed as an artist phenomenally since her humble beginnings at the Open Mic UK competition.
The first song released from ‘Fire Within’ is ‘Wings’ – a soaring, anthemic track compared to the stripped back quality found in the songs on her debut. The ever-beautiful voice of Birdy floats above the piano-led track which was co-written with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. Talking about the track and the collaboration Birdy said: “We wrote that in LA. It was one of my first co-writes, so it was a very, kind of, weird experience. I kind of wanted that song to really lead from the first album into the second, almost like a stepping stone, so it’s got that kind of melancholy feel, but yeah, it’s got real drive. For me the inspiration behind it is having a really wonderful time with your friends and having that memory. So, it’s kind of sad because you want to be back there, but it’s still a happy memory.” Continuing to speak on the change in sound from her first album to her second Birdy also said about the track: “It’s a real mix of the two albums I think, I really wanted that. There’s a few songs on the new album which have a really new sound, so I thought that was a good setting for it.”

Open Mic UK

Casting his mind back to first meeting Birdy, the Events Director for Open Mic UK, Chris Grayston – who first discovered the young talent, said “When we first saw Birdy, it was obvious that she had a rare talent – for someone so young she had maturity beyond her years and I’m delighted that we were able to give her help to take the first steps towards what I’m sure will be a fantastically successful career.”
You can check out Open Mic UK winner Birdy’s progress through her website, and can listen to her brand new track ‘Wings’ here.
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