Araya Maps Internal Journal in Debut Album ‘Atlas’

January saw the release of singer songwriter Araya’s debut album, Atlas. The Brooklyn based artist has been gaining critical acclaim from the music press and distributors alike.

Having written music from a young age, Araya perfects his skills in this album, which charts his quest for self knowledge. This reflection is particularly evident on the track ‘Eden’, which suggests that self acceptance is Araya’s route to happiness.

Atlas, with its soulful vocals and slick production, has the makings of a successful, soul-tinged pop album. The album journeys from the funky keys of the upbeat ‘Dancer’, to the mellow guitar in the reflective ‘Sad Song’.

‘Color Palette’ is a fun, bouncy celebration of colour, but it’s the deep honesty of ‘Eden’ which makes the track my favourite.

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Words: Annabella

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