Day Appeals To Both Sides To Resolve The Brexit Blunder

With a never-more-timely single “Keep The Euro, Keep The Pound”, James Day has become is a spokesperson for both sides of the Brexit war through the best way he knows how – song. Representing ‘the voice of the people’ Day issues a rallying cry for neither Leavers nor Remainers but for both to unite in the common goal of simply getting on with it!

A protest song which is on the side of everyone in the country, the song cries out for the nation to come together and help the country move forward before power struggles break it apart.

Armed with a blend of prog rock riffs, rustic vocals and a catchy chorus, Day sings “see the gathering crowd, why don’t we give ’em some sound? They all got choices, they all got voices, and they can make their country’s proud.” 

Produced by legendary producer and engineer, Stuart Epps (Elton JohnLed ZeppelinOasis), the track echoes the likes of Paul Weller and The Clash in its style, with the kind of rousing, sing-along chorus which would keep football crowds satisfied for many a season.

Rather like the situation the UK has found itself in, the track has found that by looking to successes in times-past, the route to the future becomes much clearer. What unites us is stronger than anything which divides us.

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