Toby & Pip Bring Joy with ‘Little Lady’

Being the muse of two musicians must be nice. It must be nicer if those two musicians happen to be your parents, too. That is the case for married duo Toby & Pip’s daughter, the inspiration behind their single, ‘Little Lady’.

For those of you who enjoy smiling (masochists, ignore this), this tune should be right up your street. With the ukulele, AKA the instrument that indicates happiness in films, at the driving helm, it’s hard not to feel a grin make its way across your face. Little Lady’s lyrics tell the story of the parents’ young child, and brim with optimism. 

It’s definitely cheesy – there’s no running away from that – but what’s wrong with a little cheese? Especially on such a touching and personal subject, leaning in to their overtly positive outlook is nothing other than a selling point for Toby & Pip.

If you’re a fan of Passenger, The Shires, or not feeling sad (again, masochists pay no mind), then I can safely say that this song will brighten up your day. The accompanying video, where one second of every day of their daughter’s life has been brought together with the song that was inspired by her, feels very much like a full-circle project. It makes a lot of sense, all of this. And that, I would think, is how Toby & Pip might feel about their Little Lady.

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Words by PJ Kimber

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