Deplicant Navigates Electro’s Darkest Regions with Staggering Dual Debut Release

From his own humble beginnings of performing in small clubs across Europe, initial attempts for Danny Agoston – working under the name Deplicant, to rise beyond the success of his peers had already stifled his own blueprint of an easily definable Electro/ Progressive House sound, and he soon found himself forced into a change in artistic direction.

DeplicatorUnder his own orchestration, the overall atmosphere of his debut tracks entitled ‘14/40’ and ‘Epoch’ work to sustain a spine curling ambience of an empowering but unavoidable threat – a false comfort in alien surroundings. The sound derives from rhythmic swell and repetition, churning forward in the kind of cold, hypnotic gaze of something ‘more than human’.

Drawing from a design of dystopian alienation, the thinly veiled mask of influences conjured from the cyberpunk movement, like those depicted in Blade Runner, is laid bare – with visuals sustained in the imagination of the listener, projecting them into the far-flung depths of Deplicant’s musical universe.

The prominent focus of his musical exploration dissects an ambiguity between the role of the electronic and organic in the contemporary world we live in. Rationalising his primary musical influences – including the likes of Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, Deplicant stays faithful to minimal studio equipment – namely a MacBook pro, an Akai MPK25 keyboard, studio monitors and Sennheiser HD25 Headphones, to create a layered atmosphere that sustains a natural progression.

Deplicant’s debut is stellar stuff in all senses of the word, moving through dance, electro, soundtracks and video games to brand new horizons.



Three things you didn’t know about Son of William

Since Mancunian duo Son of William burst onto the scene, they’ve been wooing audiences with their stock-in-trade slow burners. Though the band is in its infancy, each member has had an illustrious career, previous. Here’s three things you didn’t know about Ben and Hayley Williams.

  1. Ben’s previous musical life saw him sharing stages with the likes of Simply Red and Chic, whilst also receiving plaudits from Grammy Award-winning producer (Coldplay) Ken Nelson and go-to drummer, Steve White (The Who; Paul Weller)
  2. Hayley has forged her own path to success, achieving platinum sales in both Sweden and Norway.
  3. The pair found themselves as tutors to each other after a chance meeting. Hayley and Ben exchanged lessons on vocals and guitar respectively, before forming Son of William.

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Steele uses near-death experience to breathe new lease of life into pop music

Steele may hail from the fertile pop landscape of Sweden, but she’s not your typical star.

Having recently recovered from a life-threatening bout of meningitis which left her with epilepsy, Sara Steele has made some serious lifestyle and career adjustments. Aside from waving goodbye to smoking and drinking, the singer pledged to follow her instincts when it came to music…

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Album Preview: Slim Loris transform pain into pleasure with ‘Wild & Untamed’

An artist’s ability to transform personal pain into sonic pleasure is often their greatest asset. A band that know a lot about that process is Slim Loris. Formed in Sweden around 2009, the band comprises of singer/bass-player Mattias Cederstam, guitarist Robert Barrefelt, drummer Jonas Ellenberg and singer/guitarist Leon Lindström. Their earliest releases veered towards to the darker side of life, both lyrically and musically- and that doesn’t even account for the darkness that was manifesting off the record.

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