Faded Paper Figures | Breathing

With a group of people that have pedigree in teaching English at Yale and Creating music for LA based production companies you would almost expect them to have an aptitude for the written language and ‘Faded Paper Figures’ are a band that do just this:
Breathing FadedPaperFigures

“Now you’re gone, but your breath
is everywhere I still want you to be.
Chicago fires so full of death
could never keep your spirit far from me.
Falling off the glyphs,
nothing corresponds to what you mean,
and every word is set aside.
Five degrees below,
far too cold to walk into the sea,
and no one sees the rising tide,
Now we’re breathing as one, like two rays of the sun
Now we’re breathing as one, like two rays of the sun”

For the full lyrics of the song and to take a listen to Breathing Visit:  https://soundcloud.com/faded-paper-figures/01-breathing/s-NB5oh
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