Bimbi Phillips aims for home run with single ‘Lamba’

Bimbi Phillips is leading an unusual double life: One as an IT business consultant, helping out clients in London on a daily basis, and one as a sensational afrobeat artist, producing EDM, Dancehall, house and soca inspired tracks like a wiz. This man isn’t restricted to a box however, and explores other genres through his African-Fiji instrumentation and classic afrobeat vocals.

Bimbi roars into the scene with his energetic single “Lamba”, which is a heavily beat focused track, as he lays down cool vocals and an effective bass line. He manages to be unique in an over-saturated musical world, with his battle of passion underlined in his lyrics. Bimbi has a simple objective of entertaining and amazing, and has fought hard to be where he is today. Inspired by legends like Fela Kuti, P-Square and Wayne Wonder, his content is sure worth checking out.