Jade Moss Wows with Neo-Vintage Single ‘Hey Babe’

After just the first listen, you’ll have this catchy hook stuck in your head all day. Written by Jade, composed by Etto and arranged and mixed by Vita de Luca, Jade’s latest offering talks true love in an ever-shallow world.  

Jade’s intoxicating vocals have shades of her long time influences Grace Jones and Lauryn Hill, while she maintains a truly unique sound that is hard to categorise.  Her eclectic style has wide appeal and brings emotionality to her work, pulling retro 1940s vibes gleefully into the 2020s. 

Nostalgia, glamour and undeniable attitude, ‘Hey Babe’ has it all. Jade’s honest song writing and vocal delivery paired with the seamless production will only leave you wanting more. 

‘Hey Babe’ will be featured on Jade’s upcoming EP ‘Only You’ which will be released in April of this year.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jademossmusic/
Website: http://www.jademoss.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jademossmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jademossmusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-789899991
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4hsVMOWHuptQXh34KCOEsi
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdat_o2sz115bl7WRXzt7Pg/videos

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Australian Flamenco giants Malcura return with space-themed concept album exploring new musical worlds!

Malcura, the Melbourne-based flamenco sensations, are releasing their new album ‘Malcura II’ on the 27th November.

The band gives you a thrilling and eclectic journey through sound, combining the technical ability and passion of Flamenco with Gypsy jazz, Latin rhythms, a rock ‘n’ roll mentality, and the odd heavy metal riff. From humble beginnings as buskers in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, Malcura have captivated the Australian public with their unique sound and now aim to introduce the rest of the world to their extraordinary music.

First gaining traction with their highly popular renditions of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, and the ‘Gerudo Valley Theme’ from the video game ‘Zelda’ in 2016 with over 8 million views on YouTube, the band then went on to be nominated for ‘Best Global/Reggae Album’ at The Age Music Victoria Awards.

Their brand new album ‘Malcura II’ to be released on the 27th November introduces us to a new way of listening to music: feeling it. Through listening to the album, you will find yourself uplifted and struggling to fight the urge to get up and dance. The music will take you on an epic sonic journey complete with an enthralling space-themed storyline. You will get to meet the astronaut, Captain Snus, who will take you through a black hole into a mysterious new planet which you can see in the beautiful album artwork created by Jamie Peters.

Watch the video to ‘Captain Snus’ here:

Written by Francesca Bass

Facebook: www.facebook.com/malcura

Twitter: www.twitter.com/malcuraband

Instagram: www.instagram.com/malcura

Website: www.malcura.com

Bandcamp:  www.malcura.bandcamp.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7sCanc3ETQqtB9YhbWTiXh

Youtube: www.youtube.com/malcura

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From Brain Surgeon to Painter to Musical Sensation – the Remarkable Jasper’s Riddle!

Jasper’s Riddle is a new musical concept from Lukas Zeickner, a Manchester based medical student, who calls this project his ‘acoustic storybook’. After beginning his studies to become a brain surgeon, and switching to his current vocation, that of a heart surgeon, Jasper’s Riddle’s debut release reflects an artist’s own chameleon-like ability to shift between a multitude of artistic talents – an acoustic singer-songwriter, a classical composer, an artist and a novelist, to produce ‘The River‘ – a collection of self contained stories that combine to make his storybook.

“I would say the most interesting aspect is the versatility. All of my songs are quite different and you never know what to expect next. This applies to my classical music as well.” – Jasper’s Riddle

Influenced by beacons of talent from across the world, from Aretha Franklin to Fela Kuti to Estas Tonne, and an overarching love of Schubert, his fascination for science as well as the Arts has led to Lukas performing and producing all his own music, not to mention creating the accompanying artwork.

“I see art as simply one thing in itself – free and ever changing. There’s no difference whether its music, or a drawing, or a poem.” – Jasper’s Riddle

One of his earliest recollections is learning lessons in the ‘freedom of expression’. Growing up, he mentions that he never really understood the notion of music genres and as a result he ended up listening to anything and everything.The most immediate comparison would be that of a Jeff Buckley inspired sound (watch his cover of ‘Grace‘ here). He describes his sound as acoustic rock, with influences from neo-soul and blues to progressive rock and flamenco. With his heritage stemming from Nigeria, he feels a strong connection with his Nigerian-British heritage and sings songs in Edo as well as English, and also Spanish as a third language.

As a 22 year old classical composer and multi-instrumentalist (pianist/ guitar and singer), Jasper’s Riddle offers something really interesting in the way that people can engage with the music.  The concept originates from a love of Schubert’s Lieders, which he describes as ‘truly beautiful’, through the way in which he would incorporate aspects of the story/poem into the song itself. An example of this in ‘The River‘ there are multiple moments where the guitar finger-picking imitates the sound of waves and rushing water, and also his classical piece ‘Jack in the Box’ also features an intro piano passage which imitates the sound of a jack in the box toy.


Youtube: ;feature=youtu.be




Bristol Folk band ‘Apple of My Eye’ are set to sail folk scene with new album ‘Seven Tides’

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‘Apple Of My Eye’ are one of the most exciting acts around at the moment and they have just  announced the release of new album ‘Seven Tides’, due out 1st December.
The London lads are originally from the historic maritime city of Bristol and their songs draw inspiration from both cities and from the sea, a theme that runs throughout their second album. Their engaging storytelling style and four part harmonies explore tales of love, loss, adventure and ruin.
You may spotted the guys at a festival this summer as they played the, Tall Ships Festival Greenwich, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness and headlining Exile festival in Sheffield.
The band describe their music as “brand new old songs” and collectively generate all their own material drawing on personal experiences and carefully arranging the music on the guitar, bouzouki, violin, double bass, mandolin and harmonica.
Catch the guys live in action here:
The bands musical talent is most certainly something to boast about, check their credentials…
Kit Massey (Violin) and Phil Cornwell (Bass) are both full time professional musicians. Cornwell is the musical director of West End musical “The Scotsboro Boys’’ and Massey  was formally a violinist with the Santiago Philamonia in Chile and has worked as a session musician with artists such as Emile Sande, Dizzie Rascal, Muse and Jamie Cullum. Arran Glass (Vocals and Guitar) and Alex Scott (Mandolin) are both professional Actor-Musicians and Puppeteers who perform and compose the music for a variety of theatre and television. Chris (Bouzouki), Dan (Harmonica) and Ellie Rusbridge (Vocals) are all siblings and come from a rich folk music heritage as their parents met in a folk club and still perform in their own folk band Thornbridge.

Adam Protz Releases Intangible EP – ‘Movements’

Hailing from St Albans after a period of studying in Sheffield, Adam Protz has had several years to perfect his craft of composing. Using delicate piano melodies and intricate instrumentals, Adam Protz has created his beautiful EP ‘Movements’, consisting of four alluring and exquisite tracks. In the past, Adam has written music for films, animated shorts, a dance show, an educational DVD and even a brewery documentary!
Watch his latest video for ‘Movements’ here:
Protz has been writing music since the tender age of fifteen and began his journey into music writing heavy rock songs with soft orchestral bridge sections as a contrast, this developed into a desire to write for Hollywood movies. However, after listening to minimalistic meditative piano music, written by the likes of Ludovico Einaudi, Adam soon discovered that he was much more suited to creating emotive music in which he could incorporate his own personality and spirituality.
The lack of lyrics in the music leaves it up to the listener to interpret the piece as they wish. It provokes an emotional reaction and is also incredibly relaxing. The ‘Movements’ EP is proof that lyrics aren’t a necessity to provoke powerful sentimental thoughts
Protz aims to inspire relaxation and offers the perfect setting for escaping to through his music. A firm believer that the world is over-obsessed with Smart-phones and social networks, Protz encourages listeners, from all walks of life, to return to the roots and escape with him into his musical world of beautiful, elegant minimalism.
‘Movements’ is due for release on the 30th November.
Keep up with Protz here:

Twitter – @AdmProtz

‘Only One’ the new single from sincere singer-songwriter Jessie Lowes

One of Northumberland’s most talented emerging artists, acoustic singer-songwriter, Jessie Lowes is set to release her new single ‘Only One’ November 28th. Following the success of her last single ‘Stars’, Lowes popularity  has soared as she gains national recognition for her beautiful,  emotive music.
True to Lowes style of raw and emotive lyrics, the new track explores the heartbreak of losing someone you love, in an honest and heartfelt manner.
Lowes life has not been an easy journey and she has been through a series of testing and turbulent times. Spending some of her early life in foster care, music has always been the one constant in Lowes’ life.
Recent years have also been tough on Lowes as she lost her mother of whom she was very close with and has suffered the agony of a marital breakup. The talented Lowes transforms the pain of these torturing times into beautifully moving music that speaks directly from her heart to the audience.
An ex-cage fighter and club level rugby player, Lowes’ masculine background contrasts her delicate lyrics and soulful delivery. Lowes music delves into the depths of human emotion and beautifully expresses the pain and beauty of life.
Lowes has recently released the video for ‘Only One’. The video aptly captures Lowes heartache, delivering a powerful and moving visual of the raw emotion Lowes emits.

Lowes has received a host of radio plays and is rapidly gaining popularity across the UK.
‘’She  has a very unique personal story to tell. With the right guidance she could really go far’’-  Source FM
Lowes much anticipated debut album is set for release soon . ‘Only One’ will be available from November 28th.

NYC's, Dream Logic Breakout Sophomore LP ‘My Black Arts’ *Free Single Download Available Now*

Sophomore album from US funk rockers out now through Chaos Music Company
New York trio The Dream Logic announce breakout sophomore album “My Black Arts’ Free Download of single “Drunken Monkey” on Soundcloud.
Dynamic and unpredictable, The Dream Logic are a trio who deal in impactful funk rock music with several left-field twists. Experienced musicians with eclectic influences, they are a group who keep the audience guessing with some masterful bending of genre.
With added elements of rootsy modern soul, this band is happiest working across styles with influences ranging from country tropes to subtle jazz moments. What every track has in common though, is assured quality.
A ‘band’ of three friends who have gigged together over the years and only recently decided to record together, the trio are now celebrating the release of their rocking second album ‘My Black Arts’.
With songs written over a long period by primary songwriter Charles Compo (guitar, vocals, flute) and developed with long time partners Jerry Brooks (bass guitar) and Camille Gainer Jones (drums), this is their second LP – a follow up to last year’s self-titled debut. Both albums have been the result of organic music making between three skilled musicians who enjoy playing and writing together, but for the new LP the group were joined in the studio by additional guitarists Eric Krasno (Soulive, Lettuce) and Vernon Reid (Living Colour) – a classy pair of players who also laid down their own contribution.
This result second album of 14 genre splicing songs of top quality. For a taster of ‘My Black Arts’, check out funky album track ‘Drunken Monkey’:

The album as a whole is described by the band as ‘the story of the secret life around us’, those intangible moments in life when you know things are happening around you but you can’t put your finger on what, how or why. Recorded in New York’s prestigious ‘The Cutting Room’ studio, the new album echoes the raw talent on show for the band’s 2013 debut, developing the sound further and placing the experienced musicians on a more assured footing than ever.
Between the members of the band, there is a lot of stage and recording experience, having played and toured with the likes of D’Angelo, Joan Jett, Christina Aguilera, Les Nubians and many others. And, if there is anything approaching a ‘mission statement’ for the band, it’s that they want to distil all that experience down into songs that are simple, but effective. Perhaps the band put it best themselves:
“You know how you go someplace like a restaurant or someone’s house and they serve you food that is so simple, you had it a million times before, but somehow it’s just perfect. That’s what we are going for.” – The Dream Logic
‘My Black Arts’ is out now through Chaos Music Company.

Stars is the new single from Jessie Lowes and we love it!

This track evokes a great deal of emotion and feeling. The story of the song is about her struggle to perform as an artiust without the help of her mother to guide her and support her. Jessie Lowes was very close to her late mother, so this is a really brave and saddening song to listen to.
Below is the press Release, with more information about the track and her upcoming album:
Available from September 22nd, ‘Stars’ is the new single from acoustic singer-songwriter Jessie Lowes. Based in Northumberland and specialising in a delicate mix of clear vocal and guitar picking, Lowes is a songwriter not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve when it comes to her music. The single ‘Stars’ was written for her mother who passed away in 2008 from Cancer, and the song is a tribute to their close relationship:
It’s hard to believe that a song this delicate is the work of an ex-cage fighter and club level rugby player – the light touch and subtleties of her music covering a tougher background than most, a childhood that music played a huge part in.
It comes as little surprise to learn that Jessie grew up around music, often using it as an escape. Her Uncle Tony Raine was a famous jazz pianist working with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Julian Slade, Judy Garland and Diana Ross, and had his own TV show in the 60s called MusicBox. And it is from this solid pedigree that Lowes’ musical pedigree was borne.
And now, with further singles and an album due before the end of this year, Jessie Lowes is set to take her love affair with music to the next level.
‘Stars’ will be available from September 22nd.

Brand new UK soul star set for debut single release ‘Backsliding’

Scarlet Baxter looks to break through with August 18th single release
A London based artist with a fiercely independent streak, Scarlet Baxter is a female singer-songwriter who has been described as ‘Lauren Hill meets Jimi Hendrix’. A killer combination of stellar vocals and soulful guitar backing thanks to co-writer Dominic Ireland, Scarlet Baxter is an artist with a genuine chance of breaking through having turned the heads of some the industry’s top names.
The track blends urban sound with a soulful edge. Whilst the lyrics are memorable and entertaing, its Scarlets expert delivery that is most apparent in the single. We really like it and hope that she slides back soon!

With a new EP ‘Stuck’ due for release soon, lead single ‘Backsliding’ is a classy introduction to Scarlet’s powerful sound. Having worked on the EP with producers including John McLaughlin (known as ‘The Hit Man’ thanks to previous successes), Jud Mahoney (Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Chris Brown, Usher, Mariah Carey) and Natalie DeLucia (Britney Spears), this is music not only well written but also superbly captured by a team of industry heavyweights.
Scarlet Baxter is no stranger to the spotlight since winning performance contests as young as 14 years of age. Later, she went through years of musical theatre training and, although the musical theatre is not reflected in her earthy style, she did learn the art of performance and gain confidence in her own ability.
More recently, her star has continued to rise thanks to numerous support slots with Lester Clayton as well as playing Barfly, Camden with Stax Revue. It’s little wonder her music has featured on London’s BBC Introducing with Gavin Crowley, with The Stage and Television Today also marking the talented songwriter as ‘One to Watch’.
WEB: www.ScarletBaxter.co.uk
TWITTER – @scarletbaxter
FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com/scarletbaxtermusic
INSTAGRAM – scarletbaxter

Pale Green Things release new Single!

The stars align with Pale Green Things’ new single!
Pink Flamingo Final.indd
The talented artist has already seen success with past tracks and now looks set to do it all over again with the help of a Pink Flamingo.
Jack Traynor has revealed that he plans to provide audiences with a unique performance experience. The video for his latest single, Pink Flamingo being a great example of this:
Watch it on Youtube:
Hear it on Soundcloud:
Jack has supported acts such as ‘The Riffles’, ‘Dave Mcpherson’, and ‘The Coral’ (at Noel Gallaghers aftershow party) and ‘Dirty Sanchez’. He has also accompanied ‘The Virginmarys’, an ever growing popular US group.
Jack’s hobbies and personal interests are heavy influencers in shaping his latest EP. Jack’s interest in geography, travel and even population densities; play a key part in the songs sound and narrative. The lyrics are also inspired by the creation of fictional characters as well as autobiographical situations.
His latest single ‘Pink Flamingo’ is one of his most beautiful songs to date. The infectious chorus is only a part of what makes this whimsical tale of life and astronomical connections so poignant. It is based around the many events that take place under the constellations; with its main focus being about sitting outside the Flamingo Casino in Vegas. The sound is an indie pop mix drawing from influences such as The Killers, Belle and Sebastian, and Idlewild.
Jack has recently been recording music in Glasgow; with a music producer by the name of John McLaughlin over the last few months. John has seen great success in the past and looks to be striking another hit if Pink flamingo is anything to go by. Also, Teenage Fan club star, Francis MacDonald was involved in their recording session too.
Visit their Homepage at:
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