Sydney’s Tia Releases Haunting Track ‘Do It Over’ Inspired by Friend’s Devastating Death

Following the unveiling of her debut single ‘Coke & Mentos’ last month, Sydney singer-songwriter Tia Beale has just released her latest single ‘Do It Over’.  It speaks lyrically of the devastating loss of a close friend of Tia’s to suicide. The haunting vocals throughout the track truly captivate the listener and transport them to the memories that TIA reflects on.

The sophisticated 20-year-old hails from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and studied at Sydney’s Australian Institute of Music (AIM), initially harbouring dreams of becoming an actor. Watch her unparalleled performance in the stunning video for ‘Do It Over’:


Like most of her music, ‘Do It Over’ is recorded in collaboration with music industry veteran Steve Clisby, who has played alongside everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Kool & The Gang and Chaka Khan. This soulful track definitely marks TIA as one to watch in 2020.

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Italy’s Vina Rose Plans to Build her Name in London Following Success of ‘Breathe Again’

“Breathe Again is an honest, deeply human, yet energising release, likely to make waves throughout 2019…the song makes for a bold and beautiful introduction to an artist with a clear love for and dedication to her craft” Stereo Stickman

“An Unforgettable pop banger!” Celeb Mix

In 2019, Italian star Vina Rose released an unforgettable ‘pop banger’. Her single ‘Breathe Again’ received critical acclaim, demonstrating a vocal prowess that’s sure to brighten up the UK pop scene. The artist has recently made the move to London to build her career, leaving her fame in Italy behind.

Now Vina Rose is set to wow new audiences with her fresh EP Crossroads. It’s a musical project that really allows her talents to show. From the anthemic ‘Heart of Gold‘ to the dark and brooding dance-inflected title track, which sees her reflecting on the momentous decision she made to relocate at the height of her career, it’s clear this artist is one to watch.


Vina Rose has performed alongside the likes of Italian superstars Andrea BocelliZuccheroAlexia and Giorgia, both across numerous festivals and on television. Similarly, Vina has appeared on TV shows around the world: on the BBC (acting in the production Victoria and Albert -The Royal Wedding) and ITV as well as hugely popular worldwide hits such as Dancing with the Stars and MTV Unplugged

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So Good She Named it Twice – ‘Love Love’ from DIYÂ – The Sound of 2019 Dream Pop

Emanating from Ukraine is the refreshingly modern and exquisite voice of DIYÂ, launching her international career to bring to life a refreshingly honest take on her innermost feelings and experiences. DIYÂ started her journey towards becoming an artist at an early age. From playing piano from the age of 5, she quickly found that an accompanying musical talent was to be realised through her voice. So it was to be that after school she went on to study at the Kiev Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Arts as a vocalist. Despite an enjoyable experience in a local cover band, there was always a lingering inner sense that she was destined to become a star in her own right:

“My musicians were much older than me – they were like old rockers who were comfortable to perform with such a young lady in sparkly glamour clothes, because it does not matter what I look like. I can feel the songs I’m singing and the range of my voice gave me a lot of options to sing anything from girly songs to cool hard rock songs. When all the people were jumping and dancing near the stage, I felt so cool in those moments, but sad at the same time because I felt that I must sing my own songs, and it was my dream that people would also enjoy to listen to them” – DIY 

This is a journey that is universally relatable and comes from a standpoint which is much further rooted in sharing her own views than it is about selling records. With the story behind the tracks focusing on different pivot points of her life, there is something inherently personal on offer with becoming a part of the experience. Sometimes thrilling, but occasionally shattering, each song has been meticulously crafted to accommodate the inner expression of her state of mind within that given moment.

She has spoken openly about whether her parents gave her enough support to pursue her dream, but her own determination to succeed has made her a lot stronger since then, and this is something they look back and laugh about now. There’s always something to be said for music that taps in to that spiritual centre within you and causes those beams of happiness to pierce the skin. In an world saturated with all kinds of external forces competing for your attention, what we have here is an ambience that cuts through the clutter to reach your inner voice and find peace.




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The sakura are ‘In Bloom’ with Julia Mascetti’s new E.P.

From the U.K to Japan; harpist and vocalist Julia Mascetti has given a hint of what’s to be expected from her upcoming E.P. In Distance, Everything Is Poetry.

The track ‘In Bloom’ gives us a taste of what’s in store in Julia’s upcoming E.P. in the form of a dark, fantastical soundscape.

‘In Bloom’ presents us with the essence of mythical storytelling, what can be described as celtic-folk roots all the way to the soundtrack to a fantasy epic; ‘In Bloom’ sets a dynamic and paints a musical picture that inspires thoughts of mythology and legend.

Julia’s siren-like vocals over a haunting and melancholic harp creates a depressing yet captivating scenario; it’s dreary tones creates suspense in such a minimalist way, yet alongside embellishments from what sounds like bells and a stringed instruments it still retains it’s melodic qualities.

The song is essentially part melodic and part concept, with the timbre of the instrumentation it manages to balance these two sections perfectly, without alienating the listener. The change of arpeggios to sustained notes in each section add for diverse textures in the song.

‘In Bloom’ tells a dreary and melancholic story, the mixture of instruments elevate the texture and song stays true to itself throughout, I feel that some of these instruments could be more apparent in the mix (what sounds like a tsugaru shamisen, could be a bit louder) but overall, the diverse instrumentation compliments the song.

The E.P. In Distance, Everything Is Poetry is out on the 11th of November, you can keep up with Julia’s social networks at the links below;



Bristol Folk band ‘Apple of My Eye’ are set to sail folk scene with new album ‘Seven Tides’

P1030725 edited
‘Apple Of My Eye’ are one of the most exciting acts around at the moment and they have just  announced the release of new album ‘Seven Tides’, due out 1st December.
The London lads are originally from the historic maritime city of Bristol and their songs draw inspiration from both cities and from the sea, a theme that runs throughout their second album. Their engaging storytelling style and four part harmonies explore tales of love, loss, adventure and ruin.
You may spotted the guys at a festival this summer as they played the, Tall Ships Festival Greenwich, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness and headlining Exile festival in Sheffield.
The band describe their music as “brand new old songs” and collectively generate all their own material drawing on personal experiences and carefully arranging the music on the guitar, bouzouki, violin, double bass, mandolin and harmonica.
Catch the guys live in action here:
The bands musical talent is most certainly something to boast about, check their credentials…
Kit Massey (Violin) and Phil Cornwell (Bass) are both full time professional musicians. Cornwell is the musical director of West End musical “The Scotsboro Boys’’ and Massey  was formally a violinist with the Santiago Philamonia in Chile and has worked as a session musician with artists such as Emile Sande, Dizzie Rascal, Muse and Jamie Cullum. Arran Glass (Vocals and Guitar) and Alex Scott (Mandolin) are both professional Actor-Musicians and Puppeteers who perform and compose the music for a variety of theatre and television. Chris (Bouzouki), Dan (Harmonica) and Ellie Rusbridge (Vocals) are all siblings and come from a rich folk music heritage as their parents met in a folk club and still perform in their own folk band Thornbridge.

Live Review Cody Pennington with Si Cranstoun at The Borderline

Nestled in the heart of Soho, I found myself at a small club that seemed very reminiscent of a dive bar. Posters littered the wall and the floor was a bit…sticky. It was great. I had come to The Borderline for a chance to experience Cody Pennington in person. Once the lights dimmed, he stepped onto the stage wearing his normal snazzy getup composed of a waistcoat and tie, purple shoes, and slim fit jeans. He plugged in his acoustic and introduced himself, “Good evening everyone, I’m Cody Pennington, and I’ll be starting this show out tonight.”
He started the gig with two songs from his newest EP, “To Be Me”, I’m Afraid and About Love. Gently playing the opening riff to I’m Afraid, he slowly quieted the crowd to the point of hearing a pin drop. He created an intimate atmosphere that only an acoustic and vocalist could achieve. To which he followed-up with About Love. This track was a change of pace and got the crowd tapping their feet. Very somber lyrics hid behind this happy melody and it was true story-telling at its best.
Carrying on with the upbeat-ness, Cody introduced the next song as “one we would recognize.” The kick drum pounded, while he accented the down beat with a harmonic. I had no idea what this song was until he began singing. He started the first lines of the popular song Royals, and it instantly got my attention. He morphed this song into a spawn of Rock and Pop, building up the song and bringing down the house in the chorus.
Mr. Pennington continued with a few more covers of very noticeable songs, to include Your Love by The Outfield and I Can’t Make you Love Me by American singer, Bonnie Raitt. Both incredibly emotional performances that completely pushed Cody’s vocal range to the tip-top, and that is pretty far. My jaw nearly dropped at the note Cody went for (and GOT) in the second half of Your Love.
To close the show, Cody blew the crowd away with his version of Dirty Diana by the late/great Michael Jackson. This song kept me interested from beginning to end. The crowd shared the same sentiment as they erupted in applause after his final note. This song is actual planned to be released as a single along with a music video, so be sure to look for that.
Cody Pennington only took 30 minutes (albeit not the ENTIRE 30 minutes) to swing my judgment on whether or not I would like him. From a first-person perspective, I must say, I’m a fan.

Derek Ryan ‘100 Numbers’ UK Single Release!

Irish country star set to release his new single in the UK on 24th March taken from new album ‘Country Soul’, out now.

 Front cover of cd

Derek Ryan’s career has already been an unquestionable success. He signed to WarnerMusic at the age of 17 with his band D-Side and went on to make a multi-platinum selling record with ‘Real World’. He has also been nominated for several Meteor Awards in Ireland and has had global success with a number 1 single in Japan. Derek has already gained 3 top 10 hits in the UK, and is now looking to further establish himself  with the release of his new single ‘100 Numbers’ following the UK release of his new album Country Soul.
He commands a very loyal following of fans who have known and loved him since his D-Side days! The ‘Official Derek Ryan Fanclub’ Facebook is constantly buzzing with praise and love for Derek, along with a vibrant Twitter feed which keeps his fans hooked on his new gigs and music.
The track itself is a clear nod to his Irish country and folk music roots but also has an unmistakeable pop tone too with a very hooky melody and a catchy rhythm that is hard to shake!
Listen here:
‘100 Numbers’ was, like most of Ryan’s music, self-penned. The lyrics speak of being surrounded by people once he’d moved to London to continue his career, but still suffering from homesickness and missing those he is closest to. It was inspired by a tough time in his life when he was living in a bedsit in the city and desperately wanted to get back to his home in Ireland and continue making the music which he loves and has grown up with.
These feelings came despite the ‘100 Numbers’ in his phone, and there was no one who could help him shake his thoughts of home. The song is therefore a look into Derek’s own journey out of loneliness and back to his roots both musically and personally.
Musically ‘100 Numbers’ is quite layered with a number of different instruments being used throughout to give it a warmth characteristic of Derek’s music. In terms of comparison, the Westlife pop style is tempting but it has a more contemporary Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling pop folk feel to it whilst retaining a traditional flavour.

Canadian Sensation, Lukay, to Release New Single ‘Dance With You’

Lukay is an accomplished singer-songwriter, dancer and producer from Canada who, following his overwhelming success with his previous release, is now set to release ‘Dance With You’ on November 11th.

ImageFrom an early age, Lukay’s father (also the maestro of the local church choir) made sure Lukay was surrounded by music. At the age of ten he taught himself to play bass guitar and by fourteen he was appointed “Music Director” of his local church band and after not making the school basketball team when he was sixteen, Lukay decided to return to music, his first love.

After finding success as an award winning songwriter, receiving his very own Gold Plaque from EMI Canada for the song ‘Yalla Habibi’ for fellow Canadian superstar Karl Wolf and collaborating with award winning producers like Will Baker and Dark Child, Lukay decided it was time to write his own music. In 2011 Lukay officially released his first single ‘I’m In Love With Music’ which gained positive feedback from the Canadian Billboard Charts in their August 2011 Newsletter and by SOCAN P&M magazine in March of 2012. Not only did he catch the attention of the charts and magazines, ‘I’m In Love With Music’ also caught the attention of top radio stations such as Virgin Radio, The Beat and NRJ Montreal as well as numerous others. In May 2012 Lukay was nominated for three awards in the Montreal Hip-Hop Awards, winning ‘Best R&B Artist Anglophone of the Year’. After smashing the stage at Olympia Theatre of Montreal when opening for the Grammy Award winning legends- Boyz II Men show at the Grand Prix weekend in Montreal, Lukay’s fan base did nothing but expand as he was greeted with thousands of people singing along with him.

Lukay’s bouncing new single ‘Dance With You’ is a catchy, upbeat song with an infectious chorus. A gentle yet bubbly introduction leads you into the first verse which exhibits Lukay’s incredibly strong, versatile vocals while the video exhibits his fluid ability on the dance floor. The single entered the Canadian Billboard Chart Top 40 and peaked at no.16 (now at no.25) on the Billboard Emerging Canadian Artist chart. Most recently, Lukay has been named the Bell Media Radio’s Emerging Artist of the month for July. His single is playing on all the top commercial radio stations from coast to coast.

“Lukay, you are a triple threat. A singer, songwriter and dancer and you’re great at all of them.” – Virgin Radio

Watch the ‘Dance With You’ music video here:

Amanda Bloom lays out ‘The History of Things to Come’


It’s not often that a new album comes along that seamlessly blends heavy rock, classical music, Kate Bush style vocals and a singer-songwriter  mentality. With debut album ‘A History of Things to Come’, Australian songwriter and pianist Amanda Bloom does just that.

Recorded during sessions in Jordan and Sydney, Australia, with a back story almost as varied and eclectic as the music itself, this is an album that was clearly crafted with care, from the intricate piano lines to the distorted power chords. It’s rare in the current music industry that a new album will continue to surprise with every new track, but ‘The History of Things to Come’ has so many shades of light and dark, soft and heavy, that it’s impossible to predict what will come next.

Yet this is still a cohesive release, undoubtedly the work of a consistently ambitious writer who knows her sound and has spent time honing it. When it comes to her music, the classically trained Amanda Bloom has complete creative control, writing, arranging and orchestrating all the parts herself.

The variation of influences on the album comes as little surprise when you take into account Bloom’s eclectic background. A multi-linguist who has taught Spanish, Italian, French, Khmer and English to support her passions for music and travel, Bloom is currently based in Cambodia.

Since moving there from her native Australia, she’s shared the stage with Conrad Keely (And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead) at an school for disabled children in Kampot, as well as performing to over 20,000 people for MTV Exit, a stadium show working to combat human trafficking.

The album also saw a host of collaborations which contributed to its intriguing sound. Members of the Amman Symphony Orchestra in Jordan played a part, while some of the tracks are engineered by Kassim Sabounchi, an Iraqi refugee who fled his home country to start a new life in Jordan. Once completed, the flowing title track ‘The History of Things to Come’ was even picked up by trapeze act ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ – a nod to the dramatic, but melodic nature of the music Amanda Bloom produces.

You can hear lead tracks ‘Rosetta’ & ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ on Soundcloud:


And see her perform her track ‘Fallacy’ here:


Herrington Codner wants ‘Justice For Freedom’ with new single


Having impressed with urban reggae LP ‘Real’ earlier this year, Canada based singer-songwriter Herrington Codner returns this winter with single ‘Justice For Freedom’.

Aiming to bring a touch of sunshine as winter closes in, the track is something of a call to arms, with political overtones demanding ‘justice for freedom’ and asking the listener to ‘stand up for what you believe in’. These are familiar overtones in reggae music, and ones which Codner utilises very effectively with a catchy, pop-friendly chorus and a strong vocal.

The LP ‘Real’ is the third album release from Codner’s own imprint Center Lane Records. Written and developed on the Canadian roads and highways while working as a professional truck driver, the songs find inspiration from the sublime to the mundane. Based on everything from his personal beliefs to the everyday happenings of the world around him, they perfectly encapsulate a personal world view.

Match that with strong production and an obvious appreciation for a range of musical genres, and the new single is the latest in what promises to be a string of great releases. Codner has christened his blending of reggae and pop staples as ‘Ragwire’, a new genre which sets him apart from his contemporaries.

‘Justice For Freedom’ is released on Monday, November 25th