Hypnotherapist and Songwriter Elyssa Vulpes Aims to Unleash your Scorpion Energy

Having been mastered by Grammy-nominated Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters/ Sia) in her New York Studios, ‘Holding On, Letting Go‘ is set to be the first of a triad of records from singer-songwriter Elyssa Vulpes. From her native Italy, Elyssa is now based in Edinburgh after a twelve year spell in New Zealand, having soaked up the cultural elements of all these disparate places. Utilising the Celtic folk traditions of Ireland and Scotland, as well as the celebrated Italian singer-songwriters of the 1970’s, ‘Holding On, Letting Go‘ is set to be the most sombre in tone of the trilogy, but is a meditative as it is motivational.

Elyssa has stated her mission in her music echoes that of her profession – to help people. As a hypnotherapist, her daily routine centres around looking to empower, to inspire and to give hope. If she can illuminate a path to connect with a community of like-minded people then through this they can be encouraged to find their own way. This advice has also been reflected inwardly, having cured her own anxieties through a combination of hypnotherapy as well as writing and performing music.

“I believe that without meaning, there is no art… I believe the true aim of art is being fulfilled at the soul level [and] I will be successful when my effort to reach out and build a bridge between me and others is achieved.”

Elyssa attributes the inherent soulfulness of her work to what she calls ‘Scorpion Energy’ -the essence of which is all about transformation – ‘Death and rebirth. Transforming darkness into light’. Through the shedding of metaphoric skins is said to then allow you to confront whatever is bringing you discomfort and hence overcome your fear of pain and accept your own truths without becoming a victim to circumstance.

“From the perspective of eternity, no choice is a bad choice – It leads to the same end: the evolution of consciousness.” 

How this resonates through her music is a concept that has begun on this album, with this and the accompanying two records reflecting on the past decade of her life. Lyrically, there are recurring themes of life’s sufferings, but also that of hope and transformation – which is perfectly encapsulated in the albums closer and lead track ‘Front Line‘: a defiant track resonating the themes of overcoming pain and turning it into something positive. Over the course of it’s 15 tracks, the album takes you on a journey of discovery as well as showcasing a variety of musical hues – from the sweet melodies of ‘Summer Romance‘, to the rocked up ‘Do You Wanna Play‘ to the positively punky ‘Grow Up‘.

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The Lost Relic of Rock – The ‘Wailing Recluse’ has Risen

Seemingly having emerged from a deep sleep since the early part of the 1970’s, Wailing Recluse – a Sabbathian resurrection from the musical mind of Richard Terris, is channelling the legendary pipes of Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers and Ian Gillan to re-capture the essence of an iron-forged heritage, while also reflecting a cathartic edge carved from personal experience. With a sound etched from the obelisk of the vintage stalwarts of Blues and Heavy Rock, comparisons with the likes of Cream, Free and Led Zeppelin are inescapable but fall short of the resurgent energy and excitement the self-titled record brings to a modern audience.

Though shouldering a firm belief that the best art comes from a dark place, this record harnesses these emotions as a means of stirring up creative energy. Despite several line-up changes, an uncompromising single mindedness dragged this project to life. With a framework in place to emphasise a sound that’s close to his heart, Terris utilised the experience of session musicians to record the album. And with the initial ideas he laid out suitably enriched throughout the process, Wailing Recluse took formation with a sound that may have sprung from a dark place, but will resonate with audiences in the truest and most honest fashion for it.

In a similar vain to Led Zeppelin, Wailing Recluse adopts an creative philosophy that evokes the finished product of the album should be considered the complete package, as opposed to cherry-picking singles to give listeners a flavour of what’s to come. In true 70’s tradition, the Wailing Recluse record pivots around the “mid-gig experience”, 2 acoustic tracks which bring a different ambience to the record when viewed from afar and help accentuate the high and lows of the journey being undertaken.

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An Introspective Gaze Through the Music of Charlie Rees

The raw emotive value that any kind of music can bring forward has a healing quality in itself. Scotland’s own Charlie Rees is an interesting architect for evolving emotional experiences from his own life into a medium, by which, catharsis enables both the artist and listener to share in a moving experience that dissolves its topicality, and transcends its meaning. Through dissection of the upcoming single ‘Hourglass’, we can see how this process came to life.

Charlie Rees - Hourglass

Exploration of this kind of inward analysis has given rise to a confident assertion of his trauma through healthier means. By the Rees’ own admission, the song was written at a time when he was in a very bad place:

“I was in a toxic relationship…slipping down into previous depression that I thought I had recovered from… When I decided to look back on my relationships with others… I had to come to terms with the facts…it’s better that we part ways before we become more hurt than we already are, so we can move on and help better ourselves and our lives.”

‘Hourglass’ offers a more introspective look than previous single ‘Bitter Taste’, which was crafted with a much more confrontational attitude in mind. The opening notes of the track hit you square on with a summation of the core themes that comprise the feeling of the record. There is a real sense of an arc through the track, of overcoming personal strife to reach salvation through reflection. By the time the chorus reprises there is an overwhelming sense of a comforting hand reaching out to you to lift you from something darker in tone.

Having first earned his stripes as a musician as the vocalist for Oceans Collide, Rees then went on to drum for Cerberon before taking steps to release this solo project.

Exposing and confronting old wounds are a challenge that most of us will come across in life and by challenging his melancholy, Rees has found a means by which his desire to inspire and help people has found tangible form.

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Sixty Seconds on Songwriting with Uno Prism

At a time when originality in the music industry feels like it has hit an all-time low, Uno Prism is smashing the mould into smithereens, starting with new single “Into Place”. Uno Prism is Emma Welsby, a classically-trained Scottish musician now settled in Manchester. All this is set to change with Uno Prism’s ravishingly stylish nu-jazz-inflected electronica, combining Emma’s vibes expertise with bone-rattling bass rhythms, sweeping cinematic strings, gossamer-like vocals and electronic thrums. we caught up with Emma to find out about the process behind her songwriting.

What is the meaning behind your pseudonym ‘Uno Prism’?

It’s called Uno Prism because I am one person with this music in my head, and I need other musicians with skills to direct to make my vision in my head, a reality.

What’s the narrative of your song, ‘Into Place’?

‘Into Place’ that I’m releasing is about being in a relationship with someone who you think can give you everything you need, you try, you think you’ve got something awesome, but it keeps breaking.

What was your inspiration to create music?

I had a broken heart back in Jan 2016, I wrote some tracks to get me through the end of the winter to fill that empty ‘void’ you get when you are newly single but right before I was left by my partner and wrote this music, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a lifelong condition with no cure. Music is my escape, a perfect place for escapism from the stresses and strains of everyday life not only for me, but for others too.

What is one of your achievements that you are proud of?

I made it to the finals of BBC Fame Academy bursary grant awards years ago to be in line to win £32,000.  I got through 20,000 applicants into the last 20, and then took a trip to fame academy house in London to film the final that was aired on either BBC 1 or 2, I can’t remember.

Words: Alice Webb

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