New Music Competition Removes Entry Fee

Music Maker.jpg

We’re all about the songwriters here at Songwriter Spotlight and it’s we’re happy to hear that the new music competition platform, Salute Music Makers, is too!

Having launched back in April for contestants to upload their tracks, Salute has been growing its ever expanding empire, building bridges with notable partners including UNILAD, GRM Daily, Tenement TV and events company Continental Drifts. As a result, Salute have been able to get rid of the £20 per track entry fee that they initially instated.

Having always aimed to empower the grassroots songwriters of this world, this has been a huge step for the platform who are now able to offer their unprecedented £50,000 prize to a wider audience.

Feargal Sharkey, who you may remember as lead singer of The Undertones, is fronting the competition, he noted: ‘The level of support and encouragement we have received from the industry since launching our competition has been truly extraordinary. Thanks to the support of our partners, Salute is now in the enviable position to make entry absolutely, 100%, free. Yet again Salute is leading the way in providing proper support and encouragement for the next generation of great British talent. Now is your chance to win a £50,000, no strings attached cash prize and entry is free. One small challenge: just write the best song anyone has ever heard!’

You can find out more on Salute Music Makers here: