Introducing The Scaramouche of Sunbridgewells – Even Seagulls Swoon for The Captain of the Lost Waves

Setting sail from dockside, tales have passed from lip to cheek of The Captain of the Lost Waves  – a celebration of the renaissance, an exemplar of all things Vaudevillian, embarking on his voyage to redefine labels of artistic expression. While dropping anchor at the likes of Glastonbury Arts and Edinburgh Fringe, The Captain’s absurdly engaging live performances have mesmerised and captivated crowds. As a fluid performer, transitioning between musician and storyteller, the journey is wildly outlandish, deliciously bonkers and has witnessed expressions distort from the rigid and terrified to the joyous and amiable.

Starring in his very own folk opera, little is known about his true Earthly origins, but the man behind the persona resides in the shadow of the not-so-coastal plateau of the Peak District, and from there he has embarked extensively taking his show to audiences who are then transported aboard his mystical voyages. Delightfully inventive, undoubtedly eccentric and impossible to characterise definitively, after a brief introduction in his guise indicative of an intergalactic time detective, so begins his splendid deliverance.  all of which are encouraged to be sung along to.

The premiere for the video of ‘Uniforms’, the first single from the album Synthesis, will be held right in the heart of Bradford’s historic trading quarter in Sunbridgewells, showcasing the Edwardian charm of footage shot at the New Beehive Inn. Whether hopping aboard for the first time or looking to set sail once more, we’ve been offered a perfect opportunity to delve into the mystical otherworldly-ness of realms so often consigned to the shadows.







Composer Toni Castells draws inspiration from modern social epidemic for Neo-Classical concert releasing ‘HHUMANN X’

Topical themes are often a good source of inspiration due to the immediate emotional connection you establish with your audience. For Neo-Classical composer Toni Castells, it was the work set out by former MP Jo Cox’s Commission of Loneliness (which divulged that more than 9 million people are affected by loneliness in the UK alone) that has inspired his latest release ‘HHUMANN X‘.

Toni Castells

Toni Castells

While initial innovation came largely from his teachers at music school, Castells’ overall sound was developed from a foundation of classical training combined with an inventive use of modern technology to produce a mixture of dreamy, cinematic and poetic soundscapes.

His music has since been described as “Morricone meets Satie” by Michael Haas, producer of prize-winning recordings with major classical artists including Zubin Mehta, Mstislav Rostropovich, Daniel Barenboim, Cecilia Bartoli and Luciano Pavarotti.

With this album’s themes centred around the subject of a paradox that highlights a growing social isolation in times of technological hyper-connectedness, the premier performance at LSO St Luke’s in Barbican (20th October) is also set to feature More Than Just a Choira community choir based in North London that works with people suffering from mental illness and social isolation.

The choir will appear towards the end of the piece and they’ll be unknowingly sitting amongst the audience before their entry.  This staging metaphor is designed to strengthen the idea that isolation and mental illness are invisible to most of us.


SXSWLittle Boots has been busy and at it again. She has released a video of her latest live performance and of course supplied us with more material to listen to, her latest mix.

A note from the lady herself!

Hello friends!

Sorry its been a while but I promise I am working away at new material and it is all coming together bit by bit!

In the mean time, I wanted to share a video with you from my recent SXSW trip where I did a special one-woman solo tech show for Casio music, you can watch parts of the performance and an interview with me below: