Hypnotherapist and Songwriter Elyssa Vulpes Aims to Unleash your Scorpion Energy

Having been mastered by Grammy-nominated Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters/ Sia) in her New York Studios, ‘Holding On, Letting Go‘ is set to be the first of a triad of records from singer-songwriter Elyssa Vulpes. From her native Italy, Elyssa is now based in Edinburgh after a twelve year spell in New Zealand, having soaked up the cultural elements of all these disparate places. Utilising the Celtic folk traditions of Ireland and Scotland, as well as the celebrated Italian singer-songwriters of the 1970’s, ‘Holding On, Letting Go‘ is set to be the most sombre in tone of the trilogy, but is a meditative as it is motivational.

Elyssa has stated her mission in her music echoes that of her profession – to help people. As a hypnotherapist, her daily routine centres around looking to empower, to inspire and to give hope. If she can illuminate a path to connect with a community of like-minded people then through this they can be encouraged to find their own way. This advice has also been reflected inwardly, having cured her own anxieties through a combination of hypnotherapy as well as writing and performing music.

“I believe that without meaning, there is no art… I believe the true aim of art is being fulfilled at the soul level [and] I will be successful when my effort to reach out and build a bridge between me and others is achieved.”

Elyssa attributes the inherent soulfulness of her work to what she calls ‘Scorpion Energy’ -the essence of which is all about transformation – ‘Death and rebirth. Transforming darkness into light’. Through the shedding of metaphoric skins is said to then allow you to confront whatever is bringing you discomfort and hence overcome your fear of pain and accept your own truths without becoming a victim to circumstance.

“From the perspective of eternity, no choice is a bad choice – It leads to the same end: the evolution of consciousness.” 

How this resonates through her music is a concept that has begun on this album, with this and the accompanying two records reflecting on the past decade of her life. Lyrically, there are recurring themes of life’s sufferings, but also that of hope and transformation – which is perfectly encapsulated in the albums closer and lead track ‘Front Line‘: a defiant track resonating the themes of overcoming pain and turning it into something positive. Over the course of it’s 15 tracks, the album takes you on a journey of discovery as well as showcasing a variety of musical hues – from the sweet melodies of ‘Summer Romance‘, to the rocked up ‘Do You Wanna Play‘ to the positively punky ‘Grow Up‘.

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IOTAPHI Go Behind the Scenes on Nominated Music Video ‘Kids of Chaos’

Electro-noir duo IOTAPHI have shared a Behind the Scenes clip for their music video ‘Kids of Chaos’. The Italy-via-Greece outfit have brought their dark-hued, cinematic soundscapes to life with a visual that sees athletes from Greece’s Down Syndrome Association throwing shapes in a derelict-looking gymnasium, shrouded in fog.

In the behind-the-scenes video, director Gregory Rentis says that the video was one of his most challenging projects. Speaking of the concept behind the visual, he says: “The initial point was to recreate sort of a Big Bang,” he explains, “all the girls are like stars or planets; they would disperse into our space and they sort of got together to create this planetary system which was basically a dance.”

Watch the full Behind the Scenes video below:



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