Out With The Old and In With The New

After losing their singer to a top West End production, it could have all been over, but Jody and the Jerms have emerged better than ever, and with a new vocalist taking center stage. Their new single, He Doesn’t Know Me Much At All, is a collaboration between guitarist Liam Jeger, drummer Alex Bridge, and newcomer Jody on vocals – who between them have performed alongside the likes of Radiohead and Supergrass.

Already having seen success overseas, receiving significant play on one of Spain’s largest radio stations, RTVE, Jody and the Jerms looking to announce their first 2020 live dates in the very near future.

The group previously saw much success as The Anydays, and are now broadening their musical horizons from the indie genre, infusing their sound with power-pop and new wave. With a fresh new look, and a fresh new sound, this is sure to only be the beginning for Jody and the Jerms.

Follow Jody and the Jerms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jodyandthejerms/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-727099785/jerm-ngh-mstr1-441/s-Iiqxf

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The Sounds of ‘Autumnal’ Tranquillity – Joshua Howlett’s Debut EP Channels the Alpine Air to the Cliffs of ‘Dover’

Despite being born in Manchester, the musical inspiration of indie folk artist Joshua Howlett is very much grounded in his Swiss base in Montreaux, where he now resides. A soulful, young and ambitions performer, he is an artist that is striving to evolve and develop without taking himself too seriously and, as such, has looked to his surroundings – the exquisite nature and historical cities of Switzerland as his creative muse in order to produce his ‘Autumnal‘ EP. With a sound likened to the likes of Ben Howard and Angus and Julia Stone, this is a record that evokes the calm atmosphere of beautiful scenery.

The EP has been noted to draw further inspiration by feelings of nostalgia about leaving the UK, which nicely introduces themes associated with autumn. In an interesting synergy between the atmospheric surroundings of the Swiss mountains, the songs all give off the feeling of autumnal reflection, evoking feelings such as change, anxiety, nostalgia and deeper states of consciousness. It’s an emotional collection of feelings – a meta-cognitive explanation of his physical and mental state at the time of composing.

As mentioned, the true reflective aspect is reflected from his surroundings with him taking heavy inspiration from nature – trees, forests, mountains, and ironically water. He has often written about water and the sea, metaphorically or otherwise, despite the fact he hates swimming and going in it. However, the poetic tranquillity of the element certainly serves its own purpose here.

Having being raised between British and Swiss culture, he has ended up being somewhere between the two. After learning guitar at an early age, he slowly began to develop his own unique style and identity that has been shaped and refined throughout his young career. From writing songs in his bedroom, with no particular intentions, this process reached its natural catalyst in 2017 when Joshua became friends with a producer from Big Fam Records at sound engineering college. Merely a day after deciding to record a song together for fun, they then decided to partner up and record music professionally.

Joshua has been noted to be somewhat shy in character away from music, but everything changes when on stage. His on-stage persona is a mixture of a soulful musician and a stand up comedian – often engaging with the crowd before introducing a song. Indicative of this characteristic, his stages have not always been traditional in their truest sense, as his live performances have taken him from a snowy chalet up a mountain to a show window in a subway station.

His debut EP, recorded with experienced live musicians who have thoroughly immersed themselves in the concept, has been spearheaded by the release of the single ‘Dover‘.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3g0J5Gw34oA6Vn5FWCFpss

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Indie-Folk Virtuoso Mark Shepherd Contemplates ‘The Grand Scheme of Things’

In some aspects, Mark Shepherd’s musical career may appear to be in reverse. For those whom ‘The Grand Scheme of Things‘ EP (produced/engineered by Chris Pepper at Saltwell Studios) is their first introduction to Mark Shepherd’s work will soon understand the depth and emotion which impact on both his music and his lyrics. Through his original brand of thought provoking indie-folk, his strong and distinctive vocal style is complimented by powerful and melodic guitar, through which listeners will quickly understand the depth of emotion that has reckoning on his work lyrically and musically.

Having had been handed a record contract with Lamborghini Records at the age of 18, progress unfortunately stagnated when the company went bust. While venturing along a ‘normal’, but successful, trajectory in his working life, a longing to encourage his undoubted musical and creative talent has driven things full circle. What ensued was a heartfelt determination to push things forward from the triumphs of his previous EP ‘Bad Man‘ (produced by Pete Brazier at Vertical Rooms). As well as featuring on Cambridgeshire’s BBC Introducing and a host of community and online radio, he also has an impressive resume of playing famous venues in London, Manchester and New York.

The EP offers the listener two distinct paths, with both electric and acoustic versions of each of the four tracks, the perfect choice for an artist whose music is all about mood and story-telling. While the overriding subject matter of the tracks touch upon themes of regret, loss and aspects of a more troubling nature, he has stated that his lyrics left intentionally ambiguous in order to allow his audience to apply their own interpretation. Opening with the title track – a song which brings together elements of Paul Weller’s strongest solo work and the more introspective songs of Tom Petty, this is a look at the culmination of someone’s life and questions and what it means to have made a difference – asking if making a positive impact on a small number of people isn’t just as worthwhile as grander gestures.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3eBq0mItukX32dvU3QySCo

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Homage To Fallen Heroes – SAZ EP ‘Dread Full’ An Ethereal Blend of Indie Infused Hip-Hop

Following on from a double-header of features on Grime Daily, the duo comprising of Zane Morris and Kelvin Bueno have been branded as ‘One to Watch‘ by Red Bull Music London. Ahead of the full length album release of ‘22 Reasons to Stay‘, SAZ’s forthcoming EP entitled ‘Dread Full‘ is painted as an homage to fallen inspirations of theirs – from Chester Bennington to Mac Miller, celebrating their influence by fusing their sounds in unique ways.

SAZ have become embraced as pioneers in their own right – a constantly evolving project which embraces a soft and seductive blend of indie and acoustic, bound together with elements of hip-hop. A sumptuous blend of sentimental songwriting overlaid with an eclectic mix of ethereal instruments and folk-inspired guitar riffs that detail an ambience which is synonymous with London’s underground music scene that, in turn, detail images of vibrant landscapes and sultry road trips.

Historically since 2012, when Zane first started to release under SAZ, he has sought out artists and other creative types to collaborate with to create music and artwork in order to churn out new releases on a weekly basis – and this was sustained over a two year period. With a sound that may arguably span a variety of genres, all of their tracks have been produced by the two of them which has allowed for a consistency across the creative process.  They play live as a 5-piece band, but are also acclaimed for their acoustic sets which utilise live production through the use of loop pedals.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1miLoQHAfdKHOppL0wvqCv 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1FBJY4FflECuepycTCPubA

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/deathbyleisure

Instagram: http://instagram.com/saztheband

Website: http://saztheagency.com 


Sixty Seconds on Songwriting with Steele

Today marks the release of Steele‘s hotly-anticipated debut album ‘Paroxysm‘.

If the pre-album singles staked her claim as a pop prodigy, the album confirms it. The full-length sees Steele use her brush with death to breathe a new lease of life into pop music, marrying life-affirming lyrics with serpentine vocals and a backdrop of electro-noir.

With each boundary-breaking offering Steele is paving her way to mainstream consciousness, proving she’s got what it takes to earn a place in today’s pop pantheon. Judging by her features in Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Clash, it seems the music world is inclined to agree. We spoke to the Stockholm-hailing songwriter to find out about the formula behind her songs.

The subject matter of your songs is increasingly dark, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I guess a big, and very recent thing, is I got a really serious case of meningitis over Christmas and New Years and almost died. I was put in a medically induced coma for days and hospitalised for a few weeks and ended up becoming epileptic as a result.

How did this experience refresh your perspective on songwriting?

Also because the whole experience have made me less cynical and inspired me in my process of creating and appreciating. I think the following EPs/albums will be permeated by this phase of my life.

Who is your music for?

The sound is heavy, melancholic and cinematic, kind of like Disney music for grown-ups. The tracks are an institution for any persons dark or emotional places, Steele is a powerful, stoic no-bullshit entity.

What’s the story behind the album’s title?

I just decided to name the album ‘Paroxysm’ which basically means “an outburst of emotions” – because that’s what it really is. The songs were written related and inspired by real events and people, however, with a slightly higher drama level.

Follow Steele:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/i_am_steele

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0kzNHlehBIdyCEY5xRIDDz

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Mosaic take a trip to ‘Rio’ with new pop driven track.

From Guildford to Rio, Mosaic are adding their stamp to the British indie-rock circuit with their track ‘Rio’.

Based in Newbury, Mosaic are throwing it back to the party anthems of yore and providing a contemporary take on sounds that any indie veteran will recognize.

The bouncing rhythms and linear guitar melodies will instantly be recognizable to fans of the Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party, combining the two influences for that synonymous garage-rock aesthetic.

What makes ‘Rio’ more relevant than it’s predecessors is its lyrical content, which contains stories within university settings, making the music not only more original but more relatable to its audience whilst making the songs less romanticized and more personal.

Craig of Mosaic’s vocal style is also rather unique within the genre with it’s higher register and almost has a Bret Anderson of Suede texture to it, which is a welcoming change to the over-accentuated and stylized vocal performances that are stereotypical within Indie.

Whilst ‘Rio’ does try to put its own mark on British indie music, the song sounds too familiar within the genre; indie veterans are going to feel at home when listening to the tune. However, you are not going to find anything too abstract here for those looking for something new.

Overall, ‘Rio’ is a welcoming addition to the Indie circuit and does its job in keeping the genre relatable to new and upcoming fans whilst keeping the customary bouncy rhythms and guitar melodies.

‘Rio’ is out now, you can keep up with Mosaic on their social networks below;

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mosaicofficial

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuenCiVLKdpI_cs-989bsUQ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MosaicUK/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_mosaicofficial/

Website: https://www.mosaicofficial.co.uk


Eric Unseen aim to prove they have been ‘Brought Up The Right Way’ with new album

LP to be released on the same day as lead single, ‘That Ain’t Love’ – October 1st
A South Wales based boy band with a taste for energetically infectious melodies, Eric Unseen are a three piece with a growing reputation in the UK indie scene.
Having supported and gigged with a host of high profile names including Bastille, We are Scientists, The Alarm, The Stiff Little Fingers, Cast, Ocean Colour Scene, Skindred, Paramore, Goldie Lookin Chain, The Subways, and The Automatic, the band are now ramping up for further exposure with new album ‘Brought Up the Right Way’.
With a sound that comes across like a contemporary version of The Smiths with an indie twist, Eric Unseen are unlike any other band on the circuit at the moment, and aim to drive their point home with this album’s lead single – ‘That Ain’t Love’

The band are no strangers to the stage and have really turned heads with the quality of their live shows. In addition to the impressive list of gigs above, they also reached the final of national competition ‘Live and Unsigned’, fighting through 10,000 acts to play in the showcase event at London’s O2 arena in front of 3 thousand people.
Their success though has not gone to their heads, and they happily joke about the gig they played the next day – a small pub with seven people in it who were there to watch the football.
Fans include producers Greg Haver (The Manic Street Preachers, Cataonia, Super Furry Animals), Richard Jackson (Duffy, The Automatic) and Slade front man Noddy Holder, all impressed by Eric Unseen’s versatile and consistently high quality songwriting.
And it all comes from an outlook of simplicity and the feel of a band simply having fun, with lyrics inspired by a relatable life in ‘The Valleys’ of Wales painting a very different picture from the trashy MTV attempt at reality television.
The album and single will be available from October 1st and is being funded by new crowd funding site Free The Music Book: http://freethemusicbook.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=61
“Good luck with trying to get these melodies outta your head..” uberrock.co.uk

Pale Green Things release new Single!

The stars align with Pale Green Things’ new single!
Pink Flamingo Final.indd
The talented artist has already seen success with past tracks and now looks set to do it all over again with the help of a Pink Flamingo.
Jack Traynor has revealed that he plans to provide audiences with a unique performance experience. The video for his latest single, Pink Flamingo being a great example of this:
Watch it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goBZW3c0EEI
Hear it on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/palegreenthings/pinkflamingo
Jack has supported acts such as ‘The Riffles’, ‘Dave Mcpherson’, and ‘The Coral’ (at Noel Gallaghers aftershow party) and ‘Dirty Sanchez’. He has also accompanied ‘The Virginmarys’, an ever growing popular US group.
Jack’s hobbies and personal interests are heavy influencers in shaping his latest EP. Jack’s interest in geography, travel and even population densities; play a key part in the songs sound and narrative. The lyrics are also inspired by the creation of fictional characters as well as autobiographical situations.
His latest single ‘Pink Flamingo’ is one of his most beautiful songs to date. The infectious chorus is only a part of what makes this whimsical tale of life and astronomical connections so poignant. It is based around the many events that take place under the constellations; with its main focus being about sitting outside the Flamingo Casino in Vegas. The sound is an indie pop mix drawing from influences such as The Killers, Belle and Sebastian, and Idlewild.
Jack has recently been recording music in Glasgow; with a music producer by the name of John McLaughlin over the last few months. John has seen great success in the past and looks to be striking another hit if Pink flamingo is anything to go by. Also, Teenage Fan club star, Francis MacDonald was involved in their recording session too.
Visit their Homepage at: http://www.palegreenthings.com
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Armand Margjeka LP ‘Hummingbird’ release June 10th

2nd album to be released through PIPEANDGUN Recorders
Created by cherry picking the ten best tracks from a collection of almost 100 recordings, the new album Hummingbird from Albanian indie folk pop artist will be released by PIPEANDGUN Recorders this Summer.
Listen to the Hummingbird single here: https://soundcloud.com/pipeandgun/armand-margjeka-hummingbird-1?in=pipeandgun/sets/armand-margjeka-hummingbird/s-mOvtH
Produced by Margjeka with the aid of a team including three time Grammy award winner Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck, Outkast, Gnarls Barkley), Chris Steffen (Stereophonics, Ben Harper) and Eric Masse (Escondido, Robert Ellis), the collection marks a real step forward for Margjeka – the result of his most creative and mature recording sessions yet.
Brought up with a love for Western rock’n’roll and inspired by pop legends Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis to 1990’s MTV Europe, Armand Margjeka’s musical influences were drip fed during his formative years as Western music slowly made its way into a country still reeling from the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Margjeka released his debut solo album Margo Margo in 2011. “I want to do music without any preconceived parameters. I like to combine unexpected elements in my music. Margo Margo is completely honest and shows the directions I want to pursue in my song writing and playing.”
Armand Margjeka’s sophomore release Hummingbird represents a series of creative recording sessions and marks a new high for this promising indie songwriter.

Beware the Moral Panics – new single ‘February’ due May 5th

A great example of song writing from band Moral Panics!

February is the new single to be released May 5th from up and coming Staffordshire Indie band Moral Panics. Selling out venues in their home town they appear to be creating quite a name for themselves – BBC Introducing have even shown support for this young band! Having drawn influence from the likes of Nirvana and Foals, Moral Panics love bands that are always trying new things! With a love for all things arty they certainly are a creative bunch and 2014 may well be their year…
Buy the EP: http://moralpanics.bandcamp.com/album/wlvs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moralpanicsband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MOZPAZ