Singer Songwriter Chris Lewington brings us a much anticipated new project

Chris Lewington is our next Wordsmith of the Week that we are elated to be shining the spotlight on. Lewington is a Kent based singer-songwriter, and veteran of the industry. Having previously achieved both mainstream and cult success with The Silence and The Bicycle Thieves Chris Lewington now seeks further solo success with new project ‘Riverside’. 

Riverside is an accomplished 12-Track project, with all the best elements of 60s and 70s singer-songwriter style, fused with his own eccentric and idiosyncratic style. Riverside is a completely solo venture for Lewington, having written, performed and produced every track on the album his talent, skill and experience is evident.

The project, created in his home of rural Kent is infused by British countryside inspiration, bringing with it a nostalgic, comforting and strangely familiar vibe. 

Chris Lewington has already had a success and eclectic career, having performed on the same stages as The Breeders, Jah Wobble and more. Yet Riverside is perhaps his greatest accomplishment to date, benefitting from his wealth of experience, influence and skill developed over his musical career. 

Listen now to Riverside, and see the talent for yourself. 






Mosaic take a trip to ‘Rio’ with new pop driven track.

From Guildford to Rio, Mosaic are adding their stamp to the British indie-rock circuit with their track ‘Rio’.

Based in Newbury, Mosaic are throwing it back to the party anthems of yore and providing a contemporary take on sounds that any indie veteran will recognize.

The bouncing rhythms and linear guitar melodies will instantly be recognizable to fans of the Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party, combining the two influences for that synonymous garage-rock aesthetic.

What makes ‘Rio’ more relevant than it’s predecessors is its lyrical content, which contains stories within university settings, making the music not only more original but more relatable to its audience whilst making the songs less romanticized and more personal.

Craig of Mosaic’s vocal style is also rather unique within the genre with it’s higher register and almost has a Bret Anderson of Suede texture to it, which is a welcoming change to the over-accentuated and stylized vocal performances that are stereotypical within Indie.

Whilst ‘Rio’ does try to put its own mark on British indie music, the song sounds too familiar within the genre; indie veterans are going to feel at home when listening to the tune. However, you are not going to find anything too abstract here for those looking for something new.

Overall, ‘Rio’ is a welcoming addition to the Indie circuit and does its job in keeping the genre relatable to new and upcoming fans whilst keeping the customary bouncy rhythms and guitar melodies.

‘Rio’ is out now, you can keep up with Mosaic on their social networks below;




Twitter: https://twitter.com_mosaicofficial