Davie Furey’s ‘Haunted Streets’: hopeful and heartfelt

Davie Furey sounds like a songwriter through and through. His pedigree is clear in his latest effort, ‘Haunted Streets’. Where some might fall flat in a Folk-Rock genre steeped in history, Furey shrewdly relies on a classic writing style and some musicianship from guests such as Steve Wickham (The Waterboys), Darren Holden (The High Kings) and ELLYD to impressively mark his territory.

Irish Folk-Rock, to the layman, may seem intimidating. Most people tend to think of a slow and trundling ballad sung by a trundling and slow dullard. However, Furey makes this idea completely forgettable, proving that authentic lyrics and emotive music is all that is needed to retain a listener’s attention.

For fans of Mark Knopfler, those who like something a bit more up-tempo, look no further than tracks Fire and Gold and The Final Frontier. And, for those looking for something more familiar, dip in to Secret Life for a warm and comforting lie down. 

I reckon this album would be good for a hangover. Like a robust hug, it’ll keep you company. And, for when the headache gets a bit much and the tears begin to rise, let the beautifully crafted and delicately mixed ‘Haunted Streets’ allow the tear ducts to burst and the emotion run out. Lean in to the sadness with an album that sounds a bit like hope.

You can follow Davie Furey in the following places:

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daviefureymusic/
Website: www.daviefurey.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/davie-furey-music      
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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcu9Y_Gr7wGQ7Gk9GRfQbbg/videos

Words by PJ Kimber

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Stars is the new single from Jessie Lowes and we love it!

This track evokes a great deal of emotion and feeling. The story of the song is about her struggle to perform as an artiust without the help of her mother to guide her and support her. Jessie Lowes was very close to her late mother, so this is a really brave and saddening song to listen to.
Below is the press Release, with more information about the track and her upcoming album:
Available from September 22nd, ‘Stars’ is the new single from acoustic singer-songwriter Jessie Lowes. Based in Northumberland and specialising in a delicate mix of clear vocal and guitar picking, Lowes is a songwriter not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve when it comes to her music. The single ‘Stars’ was written for her mother who passed away in 2008 from Cancer, and the song is a tribute to their close relationship:
It’s hard to believe that a song this delicate is the work of an ex-cage fighter and club level rugby player – the light touch and subtleties of her music covering a tougher background than most, a childhood that music played a huge part in.
It comes as little surprise to learn that Jessie grew up around music, often using it as an escape. Her Uncle Tony Raine was a famous jazz pianist working with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Julian Slade, Judy Garland and Diana Ross, and had his own TV show in the 60s called MusicBox. And it is from this solid pedigree that Lowes’ musical pedigree was borne.
And now, with further singles and an album due before the end of this year, Jessie Lowes is set to take her love affair with music to the next level.
‘Stars’ will be available from September 22nd.