Track Review: ‘Give Me Dynamite’ by Ginny Vee

Hailing from Italy, the vocally-gifted Ginny Vee has dropped her super-catchy dance-pop anthem, ‘Give Me Dynamite’, which is sure to get anyone off their seat and on to the dance floor.

After Ginny’s talents were picked up by producer, Christian De Walden, in L.A, he introduced to the guys at Mind The Floor Records and the rest is history! Together, they have created an insanely addictive dance track infused with killer pop hooks.

The track opens with Vee’s clean vocals over the top of a simple beat which develops and builds, before dropping into the chorus lines with the accompaniment of an amazing euro-house keys section.

With memorable lyrics as well, it’s the kind of track that everyone will be singing along to wherever it’s played; whether that be in a club, at a beach party or just through your own headphones!

Whilst there is a high production value to ‘Give Me Dynamite’ with some unique sounding synths and sound effects, the track is careful not to overshadow Vee’s beautiful vocals which provide the centre piece for the song.

The single has a definitive Northern European house sound, with a feel-good factor that will take you back to sunny days of past. It’s exactly what everyone needs on these cold January nights!  The upbeat single was arranged by Steve Manovski (co-producer and co-writer of Sigala’s hit single ‘Give Me Your Love’). It was recently taken to the Amsterdam Dance Event where it was quickly snapped up by Disco:Wax (Sony).

So overall, if you’re looking for something a little more upbeat to raise those spirits before summer gets here, definitely check out ‘Give me Dynamite’- you’ll be singing it for days!

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