Saint blesses us with new EP, ‘Lucid’

Consciousness is a useful tool for a rapper. Saint shows us exactly why on ‘Lucid’, his new EP. While the brash and boastful do well on surface level, the self-aware make music to think to. While remaining highly enjoyable, Saint’s songs provide a depth not usually explored.

PsyRo, the beat-maker behind ‘Lucid’, places Saint in a place where he thrives. It’s important for a musician to never feel too comfortable; pushing forward, out of your comfort zone, is where the magic can really happen. Saint feels pushed to prove himself, rather than being laid down on a cushy beat, waiting for the music to come to him. 

And prove himself he does, with the stand-out example being ‘No More’ – I feel like I want to breath for him in this one. So many words are fitted in to this track, and not in a quota-filling way. It sounds like the very life is being squeezed out of the track, nothing being left behind, everything being thrown out of Saint. It feels like confession.

UK hip-hop is a genre that has never been more popular, and justly so. There probably isn’t a more difficult type of music to try and make a name for yourself in. However, choosing the easy path doesn’t quite seem to fit in with Saint’s vibe. If it doesn’t come with hard work, is it worth it? By the sounds of Lucid – an EP where the effort is painstakingly clear, producing a truly heartfelt project  – I would think not.

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Words by PJ Kimber

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