Unlikely union sparks 90’s trip-hop revival from ARLS

Energizing something of a revival in 90’s trip-hop blended with 80’s synth atmospherics is ARLS – New Zealand-based duo Bravo Bonez and Alba Rose. Enlisting legendary producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers; Super Furry Animals; The Chills) to produce a debut single which looks already to be figuring amongst the years best new tracks. The bizarre collaboration between university student Alba and perpetual planet-traveller Bravo, found the pair hit it off musically following a ‘coffee date’ pushed for by their respective mums, from which they stayed in touch and arrived where they are now.

Front and centre of ARLS is Alba Rose, a vocalist whose gift for melody and imbuing a track with emotion belies the fact that she is still studying at university. Bravo Bonez travels the Earth constantly and is the enigma of the band. As composer and arranger, he hides a wealth of music experience behind his shades, bringing the darker elements of the 90’s trip-hop scene along with the ethereal splendour of Cocteau Twins at their peak. The perhaps unlikely union is entirely in keeping with the bizarre genesis of debut single: LUCKY. A throwaway hummed vocal sent as a voice memo by Alba to Bravo became an earworm neither of them could shake.

Aligning themselves with a mysterious atmospheric essence, akin to that of Massive Attack, LUCKY’s lyrics are grounded in reality and tell of wrenching yourself from an unfulfilling relationship, reminding yourself you’re strong enough to emerge from the pain whilst delivering a sideswipe at the person they’re leaving, that they were lucky to have what they’ve lost.

Throughout the track, there is a sense that vocals are announced with a degree of pain, a lack of belief in her words, but also a belief that it’s not worth continuing this dead end if the result is that of it ultimately draining her.

LUCKY is due for release 1st August this year

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Pink Milk redefine shoegaze and post-rock with their emotive new single ‘Heart of Fire’

”A fluid, loose, almost drunken drawl that you can imagine playing in the background of one of those misty bar scenes in Twin Peaks” – Wonderland

Hailing from the far north and east of Sweden and offering a treat for fans of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, duo Pink Milk are back with their new single Heart of Fire – a track that exceeds the high expectations anticipated following the release of their critically acclaimed 2017 album ‘Purple’. 

Known for their captivating use of guitars and bass and Maria’s spacey, transcending vocals, Heart of Fire comes as a devastatingly powerful shoegaze ballad with heaps of cinematic soundscape and a towering magnitude of noise. Lyrically the song is fueled with emotion, written for Maria’s recently born first child their latest track comes with a tenderness that isn’t always displayed in songs of rock genre.

With the past year presenting Pink Milk with nominations for best rock / metal of the year in the prestigious P3 Gold-award, Album of the Year and Breakthrough of the Year in Gaffa, WOW of the Year in Rockskallen Music Awards and Shoegaze album of the Year on the US radio channel DKFM the duo are set for a good year ahead.

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