Manchester duo Son of William are bringing some new soul to a traditional sound.

With male and female vocalists intertwined in haunting melodies, Son of William deliver acoustic brilliance within a folk framework. It’s the twinges of soul that bleed though in tracks like ‘Colour of Love that really set this duo apart. Elements of Cattle & Cane matched with flecks of Iron & Wine create a rough landscape for the pair to draw you into their world, capturing you with hypnotic harmonies and brooding melancholy.

Reminiscent of traditional Celtic music, ‘Colour of Love’ sees the duo harmonise throughout as the chords are arpeggiated to provide subtle melodies under the vocals. Here we see that the due use their small arsenal effectively in order to create their rich sound.

‘Dear Old Acquaintance’ see the duo employ their soul side as the vocals seamlessly switch between sparing and cohesively existing. This time with short, percussive chords built the tension of the verses before we find ourselves entranced in the chorus. We are once again invited into their world and before we know it, we never want to leave.

Words: Lewis Budden | @LewisBudden

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Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla Reissue ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’

Irish celtic-rock violinist, Joe O’Donnell, and his band Shkayla are reissuing their classic album, Gaodhal’s Vision, in celebration of its 40th anniversary.

As someone who has strong Irish roots, going back in lineage to the people who originally brought St. Patrick to Ireland, Joe feels strongly about the heritage of his country and this is an idea explored in Gaodhal’s Vision. The album tells the story of the Milesian people who set sail for the island, foretold to them by Moses, called Eire (Ireland). The record displays Joe’s fascination with the esoteric and celebrates the origins of the Celts and many distinctive aspects of their famed culture.

As well as Joe, the album featured some highly talented musicians of the day including virtuoso guitarist, Rory Gallagher, with whom Joe enjoyed a warm musical friendship. Consequently, the album was met with strong praise as a result of Rory’s involvement, but also because of Joe’s unique approach to his compositions and the experimental choice of instrumentation.

With this year marking the album’s 40th anniversary, Joe and the band will also be performing the record in its entirety at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, on 31st March and 1st April. However, it will not just be a gig like any other: there will be Irish and Indian dancers, live narration and as well as that, the original recordings of Gallagher’s solos will seamlessly play alongside Joe and Shkayla. The set up is sure to make for a multi-sensual experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Although Joe learnt his trade as a musician the conventional, classical way, his early experience in rock bands allowed him to see the similarities between Celtic and Indian music which he has blended together within Shkayla. As well as this, the band employ elements from rock, jazz and orchestral styles.

The 40th Anniversary Special Edition of Gaodhal’s Vision is set for release 28th April 2017.

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