Australian Flamenco giants Malcura return with space-themed concept album exploring new musical worlds!

Malcura, the Melbourne-based flamenco sensations, are releasing their new album ‘Malcura II’ on the 27th November.

The band gives you a thrilling and eclectic journey through sound, combining the technical ability and passion of Flamenco with Gypsy jazz, Latin rhythms, a rock ‘n’ roll mentality, and the odd heavy metal riff. From humble beginnings as buskers in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, Malcura have captivated the Australian public with their unique sound and now aim to introduce the rest of the world to their extraordinary music.

First gaining traction with their highly popular renditions of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, and the ‘Gerudo Valley Theme’ from the video game ‘Zelda’ in 2016 with over 8 million views on YouTube, the band then went on to be nominated for ‘Best Global/Reggae Album’ at The Age Music Victoria Awards.

Their brand new album ‘Malcura II’ to be released on the 27th November introduces us to a new way of listening to music: feeling it. Through listening to the album, you will find yourself uplifted and struggling to fight the urge to get up and dance. The music will take you on an epic sonic journey complete with an enthralling space-themed storyline. You will get to meet the astronaut, Captain Snus, who will take you through a black hole into a mysterious new planet which you can see in the beautiful album artwork created by Jamie Peters.

Watch the video to ‘Captain Snus’ here:

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HADAR MANOR: The Year and Now

ImageCounting Ed Sheeran amongst her many fans and having supported the likes of Beth Rowley and Ehud Banai, and winning the ‘Queen Of The Underground’ title, are only a few of the things along the journey Hadar embarked on since leaving the Negev Desert in Israel, after completing a compulsory service as a medical officer at the age of 20, and moving to London in the early 00’s to pursue her dream of performing. 

Crowned ‘Queen of The Underground’ by the London Underground’s licensed buskers, singing songs of the life of an ‘urban gypsy’ with a voice not dissimilar to that of Joni Mitchell’s, Hadar Manor certainly knew how to brighten up the dull monotonous commute of many London workers. 

With previous experience collaborating with award-winning producer Youth, DJ Sandy Riviera and experimental band ‘Oi Va Voi’, and no stranger to performing at Glastonbury, Hadar has already made an impact on the music industry, even performing on Radio 2 and being asked to tea at number 10 Downing Street.

When her son was born in 2011, she took all her busking earnings and innovatively built her own home studio, so she could still follow her passion for music. Despite not knowing how to produce records, Hadar took her first step to becoming a completely independent musician by deciding to teach herself, and vowed to write, record and produce a song for each month of her life, starting with the January Song.

Judging by the success and phenomenal reviews for her last album, Crossing London, Hadar’s next album, The Year And Now, is highly anticipated by her fans and the media, from whom she has already gained glowing reviews:

A Prodigy’ – The Observer

An Outstanding Talent’ – Melvyn Bragg

We thoroughly recommend listening to her album, ‘Crossing London, to soak in her storytelling lyrics recounting busking journeys from the Judas mountains to Charing Cross station’ – Recognise Magazine

Hadar has launched a crowd funding campaign to raise funds towards completing her brand new album, The Year And Now which will be released in January, following up her latest single My Wish. You can listen to it here: 

Join Hadar’s journey and help make her album possible: 

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Fernando’s Kitchen: ‘Se Acabo’

fernandos_kitchen_high_res-18 1700
There aren’t many completely independent bands that can boast of selling out a 600-person capacity venue, but Fernando’s Kitchen can.  Other successions include headlining the Tapas
Busking around Cambridge and London for several years, they have a prestigious reputation and an extremely large fan-base from all over the world. Referring to their music as ‘Nu World Fusion’, they have blended influences from several musical traditions to create their unique sound. The musicians who make up Fernando’s Kitchen are from all over the World; Argentina, Spain, South Africa, Italy and Greece, all united in London where they gradually joined together. Fantasticas Rioja Festival in South Bank, London for four years running, performing on the main stage at Rhythms of The World in 2009 and also at the Royal Opera House bar.
Sebastian and Heidi met each other on the south bank in 2005. Both were busking on the south bank and they decided to team up and play music together. For the first few years they started out as a Duet, the first year they played mostly jazz standards and pop songs with Sebastian on guitar and Heidi on vocals. Within a few months they became the best of friends and fell in love. Very soon they had made friends with almost all the buskers and many of the homeless people who live in the streets in central London, along with several other people. After a year of many daily hours of performance on the street, Heidi’s Voice needed a rest and Seb bought her a cajon from Spain to play while resting her voice. With the bit of drum kit experience from before, she found it very natural to play the cajon. That was when they started writing their own music together, and Fernando’s Kitchen was born. Once they had a clearer idea on their music and what they wanted, other musicians and instruments were added to Fernando’s Kitchen as well as a renewed focus on vocals. They have sold thousands of CD’s and literally millions of people have seen them perform due to busking. All of their songs were developed mostly during very regular busking performances for the first 5 years, the last 2 years they have spent doing more gigs and spending more time at home working on their music and perfecting their sound.
They were asked to support the flamenco guitarist Juan de Lerida at the Rich mix in London on his UK tour, and the house was packed with about 97 % of their own fans. After that evening, the Rich mix asked them if they would like to partner with them and act as their own promoter for regular live concerts in their amazing music venue, they have now been doing this for three years. It has been a ‘stage’ where some of the most important transitions have happened to them as a band, as they started stepping up to bigger stages. Their music has also stepped up, with more arrangement and production work on the finer details, a more mature sound and the addition of exciting new instruments and sounds.
Back from their August tour to Copenhagen, Fernando’s Kitchen are now releasing their latest single ‘Se Acabo’ from their album, ‘Musica Fina’. Inspired by their love for African and Latin music and a winter jam session around Christmas 2011, it includes an intricate guitar melody with soulful, harmonious vocals. It’s the kind of song to make you want to snuggle up in front of the fire, and also dance along the river-bank in the sunshine whilst sipping on a cocktail.
You can listen to it here:
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