Billy Joel and Fyfe Dangerfield mini warm-up tour

After a busy summer with the Guillemots, enigmatic front man Fyfe Dangerfield is embarking on a very brief solo tour with American pop record machine Billy Joel.Image

At only 3 dates it’s not really a tour but more of a brief solo foray as a warm up for a solo show on 22nd November at the Jazz Café in London. Ideal if you don’t fancy sitting through Billy Joel afterwards…
If you’re not much of a Guillemots fan or on the fence about then I can definitely recommend you check out Fyfe live. He is a fantastic songwriter and a very versatile musician who still manages to give the likes of ‘Trains to Brazil’ and ‘I Must be a Lover’ as much energy as ever.
Fyfe will be playing the classics, some covers and is also open to requests so why not pop along to the Jazz Café on the 22nd November.