70’s Music Royalty Crack Of Dawn Bring The Love Of Funk To A New Generation

Outselling the funk reign of Earth, Wind and Fire in their home country of Canada, 70’s band Crack Of Dawn are a funk force to be reckoned with. Having released ‘Spotlight’ in 2017, an album recorded over several years that encapsulates all the smooth RnB and silky soul that the band are known best for, the band have unveiled masterful new mix of their album track ‘Ol’ Skool’. 

A pioneering history that isn’t known by all, after being discovered by Otis Redding’s producer in the 70’s, the Canadian collective were the first black band to be signed by a major label (CBS) and were predicted big things by the likes of Billboard and more.

To accuse Crack of Dawn of being a collective of experienced musicians would be putting it lightly. With members such as guitarist and producer Carl Harvey who has been the lead-guitarist with Toots & the Maytals sharing in their Grammy win in 2004, Rupert Harvey founder of Canada’s most successful reggae band Messenjah and bassist Charles Sinclair who has played with Al Green, Crack of Dawn have no shortage of experience with music royalty.

Returning to already established fans from their 70’s reign, Crack Of Dawn have also opened a gateway for following of a new generation to discover the euphoric bliss that funk undeniably brings.

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Sixty Seconds on Songwriting with Steele

Today marks the release of Steele‘s hotly-anticipated debut album ‘Paroxysm‘.

If the pre-album singles staked her claim as a pop prodigy, the album confirms it. The full-length sees Steele use her brush with death to breathe a new lease of life into pop music, marrying life-affirming lyrics with serpentine vocals and a backdrop of electro-noir.

With each boundary-breaking offering Steele is paving her way to mainstream consciousness, proving she’s got what it takes to earn a place in today’s pop pantheon. Judging by her features in Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Clash, it seems the music world is inclined to agree. We spoke to the Stockholm-hailing songwriter to find out about the formula behind her songs.

The subject matter of your songs is increasingly dark, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I guess a big, and very recent thing, is I got a really serious case of meningitis over Christmas and New Years and almost died. I was put in a medically induced coma for days and hospitalised for a few weeks and ended up becoming epileptic as a result.

How did this experience refresh your perspective on songwriting?

Also because the whole experience have made me less cynical and inspired me in my process of creating and appreciating. I think the following EPs/albums will be permeated by this phase of my life.

Who is your music for?

The sound is heavy, melancholic and cinematic, kind of like Disney music for grown-ups. The tracks are an institution for any persons dark or emotional places, Steele is a powerful, stoic no-bullshit entity.

What’s the story behind the album’s title?

I just decided to name the album ‘Paroxysm’ which basically means “an outburst of emotions” – because that’s what it really is. The songs were written related and inspired by real events and people, however, with a slightly higher drama level.

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Canadian Sensation, Lukay, to Release New Single ‘Dance With You’

Lukay is an accomplished singer-songwriter, dancer and producer from Canada who, following his overwhelming success with his previous release, is now set to release ‘Dance With You’ on November 11th.

ImageFrom an early age, Lukay’s father (also the maestro of the local church choir) made sure Lukay was surrounded by music. At the age of ten he taught himself to play bass guitar and by fourteen he was appointed “Music Director” of his local church band and after not making the school basketball team when he was sixteen, Lukay decided to return to music, his first love.

After finding success as an award winning songwriter, receiving his very own Gold Plaque from EMI Canada for the song ‘Yalla Habibi’ for fellow Canadian superstar Karl Wolf and collaborating with award winning producers like Will Baker and Dark Child, Lukay decided it was time to write his own music. In 2011 Lukay officially released his first single ‘I’m In Love With Music’ which gained positive feedback from the Canadian Billboard Charts in their August 2011 Newsletter and by SOCAN P&M magazine in March of 2012. Not only did he catch the attention of the charts and magazines, ‘I’m In Love With Music’ also caught the attention of top radio stations such as Virgin Radio, The Beat and NRJ Montreal as well as numerous others. In May 2012 Lukay was nominated for three awards in the Montreal Hip-Hop Awards, winning ‘Best R&B Artist Anglophone of the Year’. After smashing the stage at Olympia Theatre of Montreal when opening for the Grammy Award winning legends- Boyz II Men show at the Grand Prix weekend in Montreal, Lukay’s fan base did nothing but expand as he was greeted with thousands of people singing along with him.

Lukay’s bouncing new single ‘Dance With You’ is a catchy, upbeat song with an infectious chorus. A gentle yet bubbly introduction leads you into the first verse which exhibits Lukay’s incredibly strong, versatile vocals while the video exhibits his fluid ability on the dance floor. The single entered the Canadian Billboard Chart Top 40 and peaked at no.16 (now at no.25) on the Billboard Emerging Canadian Artist chart. Most recently, Lukay has been named the Bell Media Radio’s Emerging Artist of the month for July. His single is playing on all the top commercial radio stations from coast to coast.

“Lukay, you are a triple threat. A singer, songwriter and dancer and you’re great at all of them.” – Virgin Radio

Watch the ‘Dance With You’ music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrmXk3HV5Ro