Nonviolenze combines Music, Poetry and Art to become the full artistic package

Texas-based Nonviolenze provides a fully immersive experience for fans with his seamlessly creative blend of music, poetry and art.

The artistic polymath enchants audiences with jazz-infused songs, accompanied by stunning paintings and even poetry.

Nonviolenze can truly do it all.

Ghosts of War, lead single off his upcoming album of the same name, is Nonviolenze’s next creative expression. Combining all forms of art into an enticing track that looks to religion as a whole and questions how scriptures of all faiths often lead to division, hate and war.

Breaking boundaries and challenging concepts, Nonviolenze is a thought-provoking and multi-talented singer-songwriter, whose musical and artistic approach is the definition of unique.

Lead track Ghosts of War is just a week away from release (16th September), and the perfect warm up to the full project due on 18th September 2020.

The singer-songwriter fuses rock with jazz, pop and blues to create stunning tracks and an impressive blend of genres. Exploring a range of themes and topics that will have you questioning and challenging the world around you.

Nonviolenze’s upcoming album, Ghosts of War, is certainly unconventional but undeniably engaging and original.

The project is set to bring together both electronic and acoustic influence, challenging listeners through lyricism on a range of topics including politics, religion and equality.

Nonviolenze is an artist that demands to be heard. Like no other, Ghosts of War is set to stand out from the musical crowd and establish Nonviolenze as an artist in his own lane.

Get ready for Ghosts of War and follow Nonviolenze.






Written By: Jessica Rowe