Ruth Brosnan Releases Her New Single ‘Electric Gold’ for the Superheroes of COVID-19

Electric Gold’ is Ruth Brosnan’s newest single after ‘Good Enough’ and ‘Toodle-oo‘, which were released earlier this year.

Watch the music video for Electric Gold here

Influenced by a mixture of 80s and modern electronic music, ‘Electric Gold’ is a motivational, uplifting single which gives strength to all of us who have endured isolation and poor mental health during our global pandemic, COVID-19.

Electric Gold reminds us, through all this hardship we are not alone and the single gives us hope that soon we will come together again and it will be over. The message of the song is to provide hope and escapism in the uncertain times we face but also to reassure us we can survive this period of social isolation.

“It’s about realizing that we are all our own heroes and will overcome these tough times and emerge together stronger. It is a shot of adrenaline to all of those obeying the rules so far to keep on going and a thank you/acknowledgement to frontline staff.” – Ruth Brosnan

Singer-songwriter Ruth Brosnan is based in Cork, Ireland. She graduated at CIT Cork School of Music in 2018 with a First-Class Honours BA in Popular Music.

Ruth then moved to LA to go on to hone her craft, where she won The Great American Song Contest. Following this success, she then moved back to Ireland where she went on to write and release her debut single ‘Good Enough’.

Electric Gold will be available to stream on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer and Apple Music. You can watch the music video on Vevo/Youtube/Facebook/IGTV.

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Rock Revival: Killing Kenny keeps the dream alive

Dreams of becoming famous musicians are often seen as children’s fantasies that never truly come to fruition. However, Ken Sunter, or ‘Killing Kenny’, has set about changing this perception.

Ken had started his career in music in the 1980s, playing in a range of bands at venues across the UK and recording EPs, but eventually music became a simple hobby rather than the long and flourishing career he had first envisioned. After he found success in other walks of life, Ken’s passion for songwriting and performing eventually took a back seat.

Fast forward over thirty years and Killing Kenny is planning to release new music and become an inspirational figurehead for those who had also given up on their dreams of stardom by sharing his story.

Ken had started off on a promising music career, even finding his music compared to that of hugely influential bands like The Smiths and New Order. After a lengthy hiatus, he is now back in the studio as Killing Kenny, and is aiming to revive a career that has been dormant for so long with a new album.

Ken’s passion for writing his own material was discovered while playing in his first ever bands, and even after he had stopped performing live in the late 90s, he continued to write music for solo artists and bands alike. Now, however, he is keeping some of this music for himself as he rises from the ashes.

Alongside a new album, his journey is being documented in a series of short videos on YouTube, containing candid interviews with the man himself hoping to bring inspiration to those in a similar position, and stories about the music industry and his early days touring the UK’s music circuit. 

“There will be regular posts, a little like a musical soap opera, so you can see how I am developing and if you like what you see maybe you will bring friends to the ‘party’ as well, and help me to travel with you all as my ‘back seat drivers.’”

After learning to play the piano in order to write songs more quickly and effectively, old colleagues in the music business heard Ken’s new material and encouraged his revival. Now, at 53, Ken Sunter returns as singer/songwriter Killing Kenny with big dreams and a wealth of experience.

“I do look forward to hearing from you and naturally also look forward to seeing you all at Wembley Stadium in the near future! Well, we can dream, can’t we?”

You can find Killing Kenny on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as his own website:





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