“The Mario Baloetlli of art school rock” Johann Sebastian Punk teases his debut album with the release of ‘Confessions’

Sicily’s answer to Syd Barret; Johann Sebastian Punk is preparing for the debut of his debut album Phoney Music Entertainment with the release of ‘Confessions’ which is sure to take listeners on a sonic journey of sorts.

What is apparent is that Johann has adorned an embodiment of some of the greatest icons of the eclectic side of the music world, including names such as Bowie, Adam Ant & Syd Barrett – going beyond the boundaries of when music becomes art.

Incorporating the iconic storytelling aspects of songwriting modeled by the aforementioned influences. The song is more than just a five minute jingle, it’s a psychedelic journey that presents something new with each listen.

Whilst the previously mentioned influences give an overall picture as to what the listener might expect upon listening. The song features a diverse range of influences and sparks multiple ideas in its composition, the ambient yet haunting atmosphere of the song sets the overall mood for the song.

The song features intricate choral-like vocals which makes the composition sound grand, along with woodwind instruments that add a fantastical element to the piece.

The composition concludes with a crescendo, still maintaining that dream-like, fantastical quality to the piece, we are introduced with a static drum beat. It brings familiarity in the form of Radiohead’s more experimental tunes and even The Beatles during their psychedelic years.

What Confessions does well is paint a sonic picture, those who are looking for substance and something comparable to artwork can eagerly look forward to Johann’s debut album Phoney Music Entertainment, which releases on the 13th of October. However, not only is a second single ‘Tragedy’ due for release before then, but U.K fans can listen to the debut album digitally during the second week of September.

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Jak Chantler prepares to don his ‘Shell Suit’ in his latest release with Short Sharp Scratch.

Jak Chantler of former Kerrang’s ‘Best Unsigned Band’ Kingskin is prepare for the launch of his new project Short Sharp Scratch, with the release of ‘Shell Suit’ and the upcoming EP of the same name.

With Short Sharp Scratch, Chantler is stepping away from the alternative rock sounds of Kingskin and has crafted a soulful pop sound that juxtaposes his last musical outfit.

Writing new tunes since before Kingskins break-up, Chantler has also enjoyed success working alongside Charlie Andrew of Alt J and Madness fame and has also had high profile guitar performances in front of the likes of James Corden, Rick Astley & Gordon Ramsey.

With ‘Shell Suit’, Chantler has crafted a sound that is initially a throwback to the classic soulful-funky sound of the 70’s and 80’s akin to Chaka Khan. Yet the song instantly finds its place among recent pop classics such as Childish Gambino and his latest release to the likes of indie-pop sounds from Haim.

The engaging instrumental is accompanied by powerful vocals that really drive the soul of the song home whilst giving it a contemporary touch.

The song is a charming nostalgia trip to fans of the party anthems of old yet is also a fresh re-imagining with a modern take; yet the song remains authentic both the soul and pop influences of this track.

Whilst the track & EP releases next month, you can check out a teaser in the form of a live performance at Abbey Road here;

Short Sharp Scratch’s debut EP Shell Suit releases on the 15th of September, for now you can keep up to date with Short Sharp Scratch on the social network links below;



“I don’t need a babysitter!” Temper Cartel channel a guileless rage in their new track ‘Babysitter’

Temper Cartel have thrown their toys out of the pram so to speak with their energetic indie anthem and music video for ‘Babysitter’.

The video was released on the 9th of August, and features a collection of over 40 fans acting out child-like states, having a tantrum, fitting the hectic dynamic of the tune.

The song carries an upbeat and energetic quality throughout, whilst retaining the thrashing sounds of influences such as The Libertines and The Strokes, whilst referencing these names, Temper Cartel solidify their place in modern indie alongside Catfish & the Bottlemen.

The song not only fits in with the lo-fi garage inspired aesthetic of the early noughties but also the often looked over experimental britpop bands of the early 90s, such as Supergrass, infusing a collective sound of alternative rock.

Alongside the vocals features a band with a diverse range of textures coming from each of the instruments, from the Coxon-esque guitar riffs that have an ascending pattern comparable to reaching boiling point: to the thumping sounds of the bass and drum coupling together to drive the song.

When it comes to interpreting the song, director A. Rigozzi interpreted the first line “I don’t need a babysitter!” as relating to an authoritarian government: As such, the song features substance and is a well thought out composition, from a vocalised instrumental section to the lyrical content.

Babysitter by Temper Cartel is out now and you can check out the music video to the single here;

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“Going back to 505” – Italy’s answer to the Arctic Monkeys; Five o Five.

East coast Italians Five O Five prepare for the release of their debut album @Y&! showcasing their noughties driven anthem ‘Where They Bring Sophie?’

With the members being as young as 18 years old, the quartet have encapsulated the garage-rock inspiration of bolstering riff orientated music, along with accented and fuzzy vocals and a pounding drum beat, following the legacy left in the early noughties that is groovy indie music.

At just 18 years old, Five o Five have already performed to audiences as big a 2500 at the Adriatic Bowl for the international skate contest. They are no stranger to expansive performances and are already seasoned at a young age.

With an obvious influence to the Arctic Monkeys album Favourite Worst Nightmare the song is carried by a heavy lo-fi guitar riff that maintains a catchy melody. Along side a consistent voice covered with a fuzzy layer to drive that garage-aesthetic. It is apparent that they take the best of their other influences as well such as the White Stripes’ low-fi and hard hitting textures & the Beatles experimentation and broad influences and mix that with their own personal sounds to create their mark.

What Five o Five incorporate to add a layer of atmosphere are keyboard segments that fill and elevate breaks where there is no guitar. An electronic influence is also apparent, swapping accustomed guitar solos, for a pitch shifted keyboard breakdown which adds a refreshing take to the genre.

What Five o Five do really well in their new track ‘Where They Bring Sophie?’ is they encapsulate everyone’s favourite indie era and remind us of what made it so iconic, whilst creating a refreshing take on it that is not too alien, yet also unique.

‘Where They Bring Sophie?’ is released on the 25th of August in the U.K. and you can check out the music video here;

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“She’s flying like a spaceman” – Pablo & The Appleheads prepare for album launch with ‘Zaida’

Barcelona based singer-songwriter Pablo Villavecchia and his band of “Appleheads” prepare for the release of their sophomore album Alessandra with an upbeat preview in the form of ‘Zaida’, the new track off of the album.

Upon first listen it’s obvious that this song will make it into  summer playlists with it’s upbeat qualities and multiple sing-a-long hooks that will instantly be stuck in the listeners heads. Channeling influences from The Kooks and The Beatles, along with noticeable influence from the late David Bowie, encapsulated in the chimerical lyrics.

Whilst using dream-like lyricism, the songs message contrasts the upbeat nature of the sound and carries a strong message, taking the hook “flying like a spaceman”and using it in a metaphorical way.

Whilst at first it seems the song is directed at indie-pop audiences; for fans of The Kooks. The tune has the perfect balance of indie and pop as well as hints of folks, fans of artists such as  Arcade Fire to Paolo Nutini could jive with this catchy number.

Zaida is a tune, it delivers its purpose in a clear and concise way, it essentially does what it says on the tin.

However, with Pablo and the Appleheads it’s not just the music, the music video to accompany the track is visual eye-candy, the overall aesthetic comes as one whole package. The influence from Tame Impala’s last album with it’s visual aesthetic mixed with the musical aesthetic is apparent. Combined with the message within the lyrics works wonders.

You can check out the music video to Pablo and The Appleheads ‘Zaida’ here;

You can also stream and purchase ‘Zaida’ on Spotify & ITunes;


Alessandra is released on the 31st of August, but for now you can keep up with Pablo & the Appleheads on their social networks;







Track Review: ‘Talk’ by Gulf

The duo of Femi Fadero & Mark Jones; have cemented their sound with their latest project Gulf and the new track ‘Talk’.

The first taste of what is to come from their upcoming E.P. The Liverpudlian duo have been playing music together for around six years under different aliases but have finally settled with Gulf.

Upon first listen it is a beautiful composition with a mixture of modern dream pop and classic disco and upbeat dance elements. That screams originality and could be the start of a unique turn for the Indie world.

The track is introduced by jangly guitars akin to Mac Demarco, with the slacker-pop texture of a simple yet effective guitar riff layered with effects, in an almost jarring yet fitting way.

The vocals then coming in with a soulful yet haunting melody line, where contemporary meets classic, the 1980’s dance (and even new-wave!) influence is definitely apparent in the vocals; particularly in the verse.

Each cadence of the chorus features a specific point where the guitar becomes even more jarring, alongside the haunting vocals, this features a dissonant yet consistent and authentic sound, a bittersweet tone, almost giving a sense of breaking apart and chaos before mellowing out into the verse.

The pre-chorus and the chorus is where the listener is brought back to the present and we have that indie-pop familiarity. The repetitive nature of the chorus is strongly structured with an eclectic range of influences, it maintains the dance-like rhythm whilst achieving the sing-a-long attributes of pop.

This track is a testament to taking an already established genre and where it can go, pushing the boundaries furthermore. With the dance accessibility to pop music, it opens doors to a formulaic genre to be evermore original. Not only will fans of indie-pop enjoy this track, but fans of alternative rock genres and even psychedelia will also enjoy this tune.

‘Talk’ is out 28th of July, for now you can keep up with Gulf on their social network pages;




Track Review: ‘Borrowed Words’ by Luna Blue

Brighton’s indie troupe Luna Blue prepare for the release of their debut E.P. Nightjar giving listeners a taste with their new single ‘Borrowed Words’.

The upcoming released is inspired by the tragic loss of a friend who was killed by a drunk driver. The band have since performed with a live orchestra and raised money for the friends favorite charity; Nordoff-Robbins.

The first single to be released off of the E.P is a funk-infused indie anthem titled ‘Borrowed Words’ focused around the topic of saying or doing something to please another.

The song opens with the familiar indie texture fans of the genre will know, but with a touch of that choppy funk sound on the guitars, giving off a Chili Peppers vibe – with a strong falsetto that the guitar accompanies, instantly creating an upbeat – dance like tonality. The song is also opened by the chorus hook, which is a combination of the strong falsettos and vocalist Tom High’s strong deliverance.

The verses are backed  by strong, powerful vocalists which do not hold back and are given a chance to show what they can do. Along with intricate and funky basslines, which hold their own, filled with stops which add to the dynamic and pacing of the song.

Halfway through the tune we are treated to a breakdown filled with anticipation, thought out through rests, and gives a refreshing turn to the song – and then concludes with the final verse, along with Ryan Wellman putting his stamp on the song with a rock solo that maintains the upbeat personality the song has.

Nightjar E.P. Teaser, by Luna Blue / Source: Luna Blue (youtube)

‘Borrowed Words’ is out on the 28th July, for now you can keep up with them on their social network pages as well as soundcloud and spotify;










Live Review: NME x Starling Bank’s Under The Radar

On the 12th of July I was very fortunate enough to be invited to NME’s first Under The Radar event as sponsored by Starling Bank, for a night of new music in one of London’s more quirkier venues.

Under The Radar is a showcase of upcoming talent; an opportunity to see some of the U.K’s hottest new acts in an intimate space before they play more crowded venues, an opportunity to see artists like these in a 300 capacity venue do not come around often.

The event was held at London’s Omeara in Southwark, with a cryptic looking interior and sporting a food court round the side of the venue, the venue suited an exclusive event. The sound in the venue brought out the best in the carousing bands.

The artists that were showcased – both London based were Anteros, a contemporary indie band with rock accessibility and Age of L.U.N.A, a rap/hip-hop group with a nostalgic element to their tunes.

The first of the two artists were Anteros, based in London; an indie band with rock accessibility, comparable to the Britpop bands of the 90s, with the grand stage presence akin to Blondie and an upbeat personality, a band with a catchy arsenal of tunes that got people dancing.

Vocalist Laura Hayden boasted a swagger that set the tone of what the band are all about, and the rest of the band are aware of this, presenting their own confidence and holding their own presence. The band capture their audience and know exactly what to do with them.

Anteros carry a set of tunes that are both catchy and well structured, fans or not, listeners will be unable to resist the urge to hum their tunes days after.


Source: @Anterosofficial (Facebook)

The next artist and final of the night were Age of L.U.N.A, a hip-hop/rap outfit also from London. An example of the finest quality of hip-hop in contemporary music. With a classic, nostalgic vibe to them a la De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest, the trio got the room moving with ease and a charm to their performance that makes them unique in the genres climate.

The quality of performance spoke volumes, from the choreographed style of their stage presence all the way to their interaction with the audience. The intricate instrumentals the mixture in diversity of vocal styles, from Daniella Thomas’s smooth soulful vocals to the mixture of rap styles; slick to aggressive from Butch and Kyote, it made the trio constantly interesting to watch and listen to.

Halfway through their set they performed a mash-up of classic hip-hop tunes which got the room moving, Daniella Thomas also brought out a Saxophone and played the hooks to these tunes, which added to the performance and made it even more exciting.


Source: @Theageofluna (Facebook)

Overall, NME x Starling Bank’s first Under The Radar event was a success, an overwhelmingly entertaining show, the question is; how are they going to top the next one?

You can keep up to date with Anteros here;

And you can keep up to date with Age of L.U.N.A here;


Track Review: ‘Taxing Times’ by Savannah

The British invasion is far from dead as the ‘Biggest Band In Dawley’ Savannah shout out against oppression with their latest rock anthem ‘Taxing Times’.

The new release is a statement that rock and roll is stronger than ever and plan on putting their mark on the map with their “Madchester” inspired sound. The Shropshire based band are reaching new heights breaking out of their small town and reinvigorating a sound that is reminiscent of the 90’s Britpop era of rock and roll.

The linear structure delivers the subject directly to the listener without overbearing distractions, giving the listener face value and a nostalgic sound that fans old and new will instantly find familiar with this tune.

The song features an anthemic style, with a melody that will most likely be stuck in your head for a while upon listening, with a simple yet catchy pop hook in the chorus which instantly grabs your attention. Including a bridge with a call-and-response stadium rock feel akin to Oasis and The Stone Roses.

Familiarity is a focal point in this track, you are instantly drawn to the characterised vocals and the lo-fi, fuzzy guitars à la Blur, which brings a lot of girth to the track, yet no Britpop track is complete with a set of chords that enforce that “jangly” tonality, ‘Taxing Times’ delivers just that.

Overall, the track feels like a nostalgic yet refreshing trip back to the 90s, Savannah have encapsulated and reminded us of what is most loved about the Britpop era and proving that rock and roll truly is not dead.

Taxing Times is released on the 21/07/2017, for now you can check out their latest content on their social media platforms;






Belle Roscoe set to make a bang with second album ‘Boom Boom’

JX9B4690Born and raised in Australia, sibling duo Belle Roscoe combine contemporary sounds and production with classic retro song writing styles. They have been described as ‘a cross between Arcade Fire & Fleetwood Mac’ but in truth this description does them a disservice. In their varied, melodic music, you can hear many influences, including the eclectic likes of Neil Young, Bowie, Springsteen, Elbow and Fleet Foxes.
It’s a combination, underpinned by flawless sibling vocal harmonies, that tightly fixes their ambition to marry the modern with the classic; an ambition which is more than met with new album ‘Boom Boom’. For a taste of what we’re talking about, check out lead single ‘Gun To My Head’ here:
Radio Edit :

The new album was written in Paris (recorded between Belgium, Malta and Paris) and is heavily influenced by the joys and hardships of living and writing so far from home – as summed up perfectly on album track ‘Paris II’, itself a follow up to ‘Paris’ from their self-titled debut album. Life in the creative, romantic French capital tended to blend moments of beauty with those of struggle, mostly in financial matters and in dealing with music industry types. Still, the pair clung on to their lives in the city and drew from it a rich vein of song writing inspirations.
Now back in Melbourne, the exciting but humbling experience has resulted in a new maturity to their music, and a new perspective on life in general. The new album ‘Boom Boom’ is produced by Luuk Cox (Shameboy, Girls in Hawaii, Stromae & MLCD), and the time will soon be right to share it with the wider world.
Over the years Belle Roscoe have either supported or played alongside many major Australian artists including Jet, Cat Empire, Husky, Wolf Mother, James Reyne, Killing Heidi and more, as well playing countless festivals and sold out shows in both Europe and Australia. Hard working and genuine in their love of the art, Belle Roscoe are set to make 2015 a breakthrough year.
And, if you’re in any doubt as to their pedigree, they even have a live appearance on TV soap Neighbours to their name. How many up and coming bands can say that?
Website: http://www.belleroscoe.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/info-234-1/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/belleroscoemusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/belleroscoe
Instagram: http://instagram.com/belle_roscoe
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/belleroscoevideos