Jade Moss Wows with Neo-Vintage Single ‘Hey Babe’

After just the first listen, you’ll have this catchy hook stuck in your head all day. Written by Jade, composed by Etto and arranged and mixed by Vita de Luca, Jade’s latest offering talks true love in an ever-shallow world.  

Jade’s intoxicating vocals have shades of her long time influences Grace Jones and Lauryn Hill, while she maintains a truly unique sound that is hard to categorise.  Her eclectic style has wide appeal and brings emotionality to her work, pulling retro 1940s vibes gleefully into the 2020s. 

Nostalgia, glamour and undeniable attitude, ‘Hey Babe’ has it all. Jade’s honest song writing and vocal delivery paired with the seamless production will only leave you wanting more. 

‘Hey Babe’ will be featured on Jade’s upcoming EP ‘Only You’ which will be released in April of this year.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jademossmusic/
Website: http://www.jademoss.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jademossmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jademossmusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-789899991
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4hsVMOWHuptQXh34KCOEsi
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdat_o2sz115bl7WRXzt7Pg/videos

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Ruth Brosnan Releases Her New Single ‘Electric Gold’ for the Superheroes of COVID-19

Electric Gold’ is Ruth Brosnan’s newest single after ‘Good Enough’ and ‘Toodle-oo‘, which were released earlier this year.

Watch the music video for Electric Gold here

Influenced by a mixture of 80s and modern electronic music, ‘Electric Gold’ is a motivational, uplifting single which gives strength to all of us who have endured isolation and poor mental health during our global pandemic, COVID-19.

Electric Gold reminds us, through all this hardship we are not alone and the single gives us hope that soon we will come together again and it will be over. The message of the song is to provide hope and escapism in the uncertain times we face but also to reassure us we can survive this period of social isolation.

“It’s about realizing that we are all our own heroes and will overcome these tough times and emerge together stronger. It is a shot of adrenaline to all of those obeying the rules so far to keep on going and a thank you/acknowledgement to frontline staff.” – Ruth Brosnan

Singer-songwriter Ruth Brosnan is based in Cork, Ireland. She graduated at CIT Cork School of Music in 2018 with a First-Class Honours BA in Popular Music.

Ruth then moved to LA to go on to hone her craft, where she won The Great American Song Contest. Following this success, she then moved back to Ireland where she went on to write and release her debut single ‘Good Enough’.

Electric Gold will be available to stream on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer and Apple Music. You can watch the music video on Vevo/Youtube/Facebook/IGTV.

Written by Francesca Bass

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/ruthbrosnanmusic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ruth_brosnan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruth_brosnan/?hl=en

Website: https://ruthbrosnan.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1DZW6KvND9HzEiXjDdWnqr?si=8HUGivXeSLyGEU1_7zb32w

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTWRolkc9s0

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Dream Team Sia and David Guetta premiere their new single exclusively on TikTok

Original Article

David Guetta and Sia have pre-released their new single ‘Let’s Love’ for a five-day premiere exclusively on TikTok.

TikTok fans will be able to use the new David Guetta and Sia track before it is officially released on September 11 in their own video creations. A 15 second edit is live on the TikTok Sounds Page.

An official press release stated: “Guetta is encouraging fans to show the things they love with a unique hashtag challenge (#LetsLove) on the platform all week. Calling on fans around the world to share their stories of positivity, love and happiness, David has filmed his own messages that encourage users to participate.”

Talking about the release with TikTok David Guetta said: “I’m so happy and excited to be working with Sia again and to share this sneak preview for our fans on TikTok. I can’t wait to see your own creations to our music. Enjoy the vibe and Let’s Love together.”

Thomas Cerha from TikTok said: “We’re delighted that David and Sia have chosen TikTok to share their new single with fans. We can’t wait to hear the track and see how our community embrace the music, sharing their own ‘Let’s Love’ stories and creations with David.”

An incredibly interesting use of the trending platform that is TikTok, and an innovative way to market a new single.

Will we see this method crop up more often in Music?

One thing is for sure, David Guetta and Sia make one hell of a duo!

Reported By: Jessica Rowe.

Joseph Bell is our next Weekly Wordsmith

We’re super excited to be bringing you our next Weekly Wordsmith feature on the incredible Joseph Bell.

Joseph Bell is an eccentric singer-songwriter, inspired by weird and wonderful legends such as David Bowie and Kate Bush.

Bell fuses a classic acoustic style, with innovative electronic elements to create a truly original sound and tone to his Music.

Our initial introduction to Joseph Bell was his single ‘Dancing Days’, a smooth acoustic track featuring bright guitars and Bell’s softly rough vocals.

Listen to Dancing Days HERE

We were fortunate enough to catch up with the talented Joseph Bell to find out a little more about ‘Dancing Days’. He comments-

‘I actually wrote the first version of ‘Dancing Days’ about two or three years ago. It was about feeling like I’m never doing enough, spending time with my friends or enjoying life when I should be spending more time doing music.

I’ve only started to accept that you can’t force it and it’s better to enjoy life than putting too much pressure on yourself! Working on the song helped me relax. Earlier this year, I had a session with Tsatsamis, who produced the track.

I’d struggled to find the right production for the song, but he had some amazing ideas so we recorded the guitars and went from there. Then we finished it over lockdown – I rewrote the chorus and recorded the vocals in my bedroom!’

If there’s one positive thing to come out of the recent global pandemic it’s the influx of incredible songs, written, recorded and produced whilst the world shut down for a few months.

Dancing Days is one of these songs, emotive yet smooth the single is the definition of easy listening. The perfect track to soundtrack a slow Sunday afternoon and definitely one to pop on your favourite playlist.

So how does Joseph Bell go about creating such quality tracks?

“The process is pretty different each time! I’ve recently started writing over beats a lot more, but I still write most of my songs on guitar. Sometimes I come up with an idea on my laptop and then transfer it to guitar, or the other way round.

Sometimes it’s a sound or a sample that gets things going. I usually write the music first and the lyrics after that, but I think it’s important to keep the process fresh.”

With the full Dancing Days EP due in October of this year & a new single in September, there’s plenty of exciting things on the horizon for Bell. 

‘I’ve got so many songs hidden away but it’s about finding the right people to help bring them to life too.

There’s a lot of people I’d love to collaborate with – I’m planning to start DMing anyone I like who comes up on my Spotify playlists! I’m really trying to make as much music as I can right now and keep improving.’

Check out Joseph Bell’s song recommendation HERE!

‘Anything from the new Another Sky album ‘I Slept on the Floor’. It bangs. I especially love ‘Tree’ and ‘Fell in Love With the City’. The whole album is amazing though, epic vocals, dreamy guitars and really intricate production.’

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

Soulful, eerie and haunting Izora is our next Weekly Wordsmith.

We’re back with another Weekly Wordsmith feature, this time on the wonderful Izora with her track Grey. Izora describes herself as an Alternative Pop-Rock artist, citing her influences as Billie Eilish, Linkin Park and Sasha Solan.

 Yet Izora’s sound is truly her own, with a unique tone to her vocals and an eerie ambience to her tracks the young singer-songwriter shows huge promise. At just 17 years old Izora is talented beyond her years, an artist bursting at the seams with potential and an exciting discovery for the Songwriting Spotlight team. 

With just a handful of singles released the best is definitely yet to come for Izora. 

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

Legendary Soul Singer Joyce Sims is back and better than ever.

Our next weekly wordsmith is none other than the fantastic, soulful legend Joyce Sims. Joyce Sims is the infamous voice behind Billboard top ten hit Come Into My Life, a veteran in the music world and one of the most recognised voices in the club anthem scene. 

Joyce has already established herself time and time again as a musical legend but she isn’t stopping there. Joyce Sims is set to make her return with a new single Everybody’s Going Through Something, scheduled for release 24th August and taken from her exciting new album Change coming in Autumn of 2020.

Joyce’s vocal and musical prowess has been evident since childhood where she began singing in a local church choir. Her very first single (You Are My) All and All, released in 1986, set her on the path to greatness reaching number 16 in the UK singles chart and number 6 in the US Dance Chart. From their Joyce’s success grew and grew, with the writing and performance of Come Into My Life in 1988 her soul legend status was confirmed. 

Joyce’s UK fanbase have always held a special place for the soulful singer, demonstrating their support and loyalty for her throughout her career now spanning decades. She is back, better than ever, and ready to bless the industry with her vocal prowess and soulful melodies. 

Everybody’s Going Through Something was originally written by Joyce with other singers in mind, but with the events of Covid-19 and BLM rattling the world Joyce knew she had to record it herself and include it on new album Change. 

The track is classic Joyce Sims, authentic and raw with a vocal style you just can’t match anywhere else. 

The return of Joyce Sims is set to be a highlight for music in 2020. 






Written By: Jessica Rowe

Album Review: Empathy Test “Monsters”

Having already heard Empathy Test’s new single ‘Monsters’ we were very intrigued to give their new album of the same name a listen this week ahead of its release on 22nd May. 

The 10 track album is full of variety from the chilled out rhythm of ‘Making Words’ to the more up-beat ‘Holy Rivers’ this is definitely an album to include in your lockdown playlists. 

Not only this, the true to life lyrics resonate very deeply with us in today’s COVID-19 society. ‘Incubation Song’’s talk of containment and imprisonment isn’t too far from how we feel during lockdown and ‘Fear of Disappearing’ speaks of the loneliness of this world dominated by social media, which has perhaps never been so true as it has now. In fact, the whole album includes superb song-writing by the whole band who all contribute to the lyrics of their songs. 

With this album, Empathy Test look to cement themselves as one of the most inventive, emotionally affecting and addictive musical experiences around and we believe that this album goes a long way to making this a reality. 

Although we can’t share the album with you yet (sorry!), you can give the single ‘Monsters’ a listen here –

And to keep up to date with Issac, Adam, Christine and Oliver, follow them on social below.. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/empathytest

Twitter: www.twitter.com/empathytest

Instagram: www.instagram.com/empathytest

Website: www.empathytest.com     

Spotify: bit.ly/MPTHYTST

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/empathytestmusic

The Dark Road to Deliverance – ‘I Gave My Life’ Video Unveils Berislav’s Catharsis Trilogy

Performance art offers a unique introspective into the depths of human creativity. In terms of potential, most of us are blessed with an array of possibilities, but some are left with regret that these aren’t acted upon until it’s perceived that its too late. Berislav Sertić is a Croatian dancer, actor, model and singer has embarked to demonstrate these facets combined in his incredible video to the track ‘I Gave My Life’ – the first video in what his to be his Catharsis trilogy, which will the cover keystones of human existence – Life, Death, and Sex.

It was the emergence of a collaboration between himself with ex-Soul II Soul James Perri (aka Jimi Polo) – known for his work with David Guetta and Daft Punk, that has since laid the foundation for his signature sound that is laced heavily in 1980’s electro-pop. The artistic direction the pair have now taken has seen Berislav’s exemplary levels of creativity take form. It was after signing a record deal with a record deal with Croatia records in 2015 that the lavish theatrical style for his videos first emerged.

Already by the age of 9, Berislav had developed a love for dancing and attended the Tihana Škrinjarić school of dance, before a move to Austria saw his talent for the art develop further. Engaging in a pursuit of various disciplines saw him embark on numerous project with Croatian music artists as well as participating in theatrical productions such as Hair. Following an inherent determination to be the very best at everything he was involved with, he moved briefly to Los Angeles to attend the Sanford Meisner school of acting, which led to leading acting roles in TV series and commercials.





Proving Anyone Who Tells You ‘No’, Wrong. Saint Mars Are Taking A stance Against Bullying With New Brand New Single







Breaking through the barriers that bullying can build around a persons self esteem and confidence, the boys over at Saint Mars have been hard at work to combat the effects that bullying can have on people of any ages, however, the band have used a unique and heartfelt tactic to convey their message.

The band have brought on the help of a young Tryzdin Grubbs, an extremely talented and gifted singer who found internet fame in 2013, where he was filmed covering Adele’s ‘Hello’. This may seem like an unusual approach, but having Tryzdin’s young voice has given the music a new spin, and as the track is from the point of view from a younger subject, it seems extremely fitting for Tryzdin to provide his voice to the character, making the project deep, meaningful and heartfelt.

Be sure to check them out:







Taking Song Writing To New Heights, Nele Needs A Holiday Releases ‘We’ll See’






With 2018 shaping up to be an exciting and unique year for music, one artist who’s name alone will have you craving for more, is for sure to be breaking through into the mainstream, introducing….Nele Needs a Holiday. 

As a song-writer, i understand what is needed to develop ideas into melodies, chords and other aspects that come together to create the whole song, and after listening to the brand new Nele Needs a Holiday track ‘We’ll See’ it is evident that Nele has manged to explore sights and sounds yet to be discovered.

Its a beautifully constructed song, with elements of modern pop from Lilly Allen, as well as hints of acts such as Paloma Faith, this culmination is a guaranteed hit with any music lovers.





Facebook:  www.facebook.com/NeleNeedsAHoliday

Twitter: @NNAHoliday

Instagram: neleneedsaholiday

Website: www.neleneedsaholiday.com