Bimbi Phillips aims for home run with single ‘Lamba’

Bimbi Phillips is leading an unusual double life: One as an IT business consultant, helping out clients in London on a daily basis, and one as a sensational afrobeat artist, producing EDM, Dancehall, house and soca inspired tracks like a wiz. This man isn’t restricted to a box however, and explores other genres through his African-Fiji instrumentation and classic afrobeat vocals.

Bimbi roars into the scene with his energetic single “Lamba”, which is a heavily beat focused track, as he lays down cool vocals and an effective bass line. He manages to be unique in an over-saturated musical world, with his battle of passion underlined in his lyrics. Bimbi has a simple objective of entertaining and amazing, and has fought hard to be where he is today. Inspired by legends like Fela Kuti, P-Square and Wayne Wonder, his content is sure worth checking out.



Track Review: ‘Talk’ by Gulf

The duo of Femi Fadero & Mark Jones; have cemented their sound with their latest project Gulf and the new track ‘Talk’.

The first taste of what is to come from their upcoming E.P. The Liverpudlian duo have been playing music together for around six years under different aliases but have finally settled with Gulf.

Upon first listen it is a beautiful composition with a mixture of modern dream pop and classic disco and upbeat dance elements. That screams originality and could be the start of a unique turn for the Indie world.

The track is introduced by jangly guitars akin to Mac Demarco, with the slacker-pop texture of a simple yet effective guitar riff layered with effects, in an almost jarring yet fitting way.

The vocals then coming in with a soulful yet haunting melody line, where contemporary meets classic, the 1980’s dance (and even new-wave!) influence is definitely apparent in the vocals; particularly in the verse.

Each cadence of the chorus features a specific point where the guitar becomes even more jarring, alongside the haunting vocals, this features a dissonant yet consistent and authentic sound, a bittersweet tone, almost giving a sense of breaking apart and chaos before mellowing out into the verse.

The pre-chorus and the chorus is where the listener is brought back to the present and we have that indie-pop familiarity. The repetitive nature of the chorus is strongly structured with an eclectic range of influences, it maintains the dance-like rhythm whilst achieving the sing-a-long attributes of pop.

This track is a testament to taking an already established genre and where it can go, pushing the boundaries furthermore. With the dance accessibility to pop music, it opens doors to a formulaic genre to be evermore original. Not only will fans of indie-pop enjoy this track, but fans of alternative rock genres and even psychedelia will also enjoy this tune.

‘Talk’ is out 28th of July, for now you can keep up with Gulf on their social network pages;


The Truebelles: ‘Mister Nobody’

It seems like the world of female pop groups is growing a little stale these days, but luckily, London based 3-piece, The Truebelles have turned up on the scene with their brand of female-empowering pop.

This is something that all three of the girls feel strongly about. In the past, a certain image, pushed by the media, has been portrayed in music – one that suggests there is a typical kind of of ‘beautiful’ that all girls must aspire to be. The Truebelles are opposing this stance, attempting to make young girls feel comfortable in their own skin through the powerful medium of music.

‘Mister Nobody’ is their latest single, an infectious pop tune with a super-funky infused edge that you can’t help but tap your foot to. Interestingly, the girls often take turns in singing lead vocals on different tracks, depending on the style of the song and who it suits the most.

For ‘Mister Nobody’, Lorenna takes centre stage delivering a seductive vocal performance, backed up harmoniously by Grace and Tallulah.

Each of The Truebelles have a rich musical and arts based background as Lorenna has also performed with Scottish techno-dance group, The Time Frequency, whilst Grace is a frequent gigger and Tallulah has appeared on Britain’s Next Top Model.

Together, The Truebelles are bringing something new to pop circles and there’s no doubt that you’ll be hearing their name in the near future.

Find out more here:



Track Review: ‘Give Me Dynamite’ by Ginny Vee

Hailing from Italy, the vocally-gifted Ginny Vee has dropped her super-catchy dance-pop anthem, ‘Give Me Dynamite’, which is sure to get anyone off their seat and on to the dance floor.

After Ginny’s talents were picked up by producer, Christian De Walden, in L.A, he introduced to the guys at Mind The Floor Records and the rest is history! Together, they have created an insanely addictive dance track infused with killer pop hooks.

The track opens with Vee’s clean vocals over the top of a simple beat which develops and builds, before dropping into the chorus lines with the accompaniment of an amazing euro-house keys section.

With memorable lyrics as well, it’s the kind of track that everyone will be singing along to wherever it’s played; whether that be in a club, at a beach party or just through your own headphones!

Whilst there is a high production value to ‘Give Me Dynamite’ with some unique sounding synths and sound effects, the track is careful not to overshadow Vee’s beautiful vocals which provide the centre piece for the song.

The single has a definitive Northern European house sound, with a feel-good factor that will take you back to sunny days of past. It’s exactly what everyone needs on these cold January nights!  The upbeat single was arranged by Steve Manovski (co-producer and co-writer of Sigala’s hit single ‘Give Me Your Love’). It was recently taken to the Amsterdam Dance Event where it was quickly snapped up by Disco:Wax (Sony).

So overall, if you’re looking for something a little more upbeat to raise those spirits before summer gets here, definitely check out ‘Give me Dynamite’- you’ll be singing it for days!

Find out more on Ginny Vee here:


SXSWLittle Boots has been busy and at it again. She has released a video of her latest live performance and of course supplied us with more material to listen to, her latest mix.

A note from the lady herself!

Hello friends!

Sorry its been a while but I promise I am working away at new material and it is all coming together bit by bit!

In the mean time, I wanted to share a video with you from my recent SXSW trip where I did a special one-woman solo tech show for Casio music, you can watch parts of the performance and an interview with me below:


Caribbean songwriter Lateefah to release ‘Love Me Through’ single April 18th

Neo-soul diva looks to build on success in her home country 

St. Lucian beauty currently living in London, Lateefah is a soulful singer-songwriter who, having come to the UK to study her craft at University, is now looking to make it the first international music scene she breaks into.
The soulful single ‘Love Me Through’, produced by London based KING, is released on April 18th – an excellent introduction to her smooth vocal and laid back electronic soul sound. Having sang in church from a young age, many of her songs are pages from her diary influenced by her relationship with God and situations she’s had to deal with.
Recorded in St. Lucia, the pair put together the single and upcoming album over a very productive couple of weeks on the island, including some work with St. Lucia’s top reggae artist Semi. The music has made her a star there – seeing her top the charts on Reverb Nation – and she is now looking to continue that momentum in Britain.
Lateefah’s path into music was decided as young as three years of age, when her determination to succeed was typified by her relentless practicing to hit the right notes in the song ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’. Going over and over until she got it right. Once she had, she never looked back.
In the years since, she has dedicated herself to writing as well as teaching music to young children at the southern branch of the St. Lucia School of Music.
Listen to the track here:


FALDHamburg’s FUCK ART, LET’S DANCE! release their debut album Atlas on 28th April 2014 via Audiolith. The album channels, youth, wonderment and discovery, about young hearts trading in security for the unknown – a life of possibilities and adventure – something we all yearn.

You can listen to, and download, their free album track “HOME” on Audiolith‘s SoundCloud page.
The band’s name – FUCK ART, LET’S DANCE! – speaks for itself. Whilst listening to Atlas you can imagine club kids from Dalston, London to Williamsburg, New York dancing carefree in the darkest, coolest corners of some of the best underground clubs, music pulsing, the band’s name emblazoned onto loose fitted vests, graffitied luminously across brick walls – FUCK ART, LET’S DANCE! have the capacity to start a movement.
Opening with title track ‘Atlas’, the band evoke the feeling of the joyous abandon of youth but FALD bring the intelligence of Foals whilst maintaining that edge. Progressing forward, a more electronic vibe seeps in with tracks like ‘Home’, channeling an early Friendly Fires sound. There’s a wistfulness about Atlas though, something that East India Youth fans will definitely find appealing but they never slow the pace, they aim to bring you up and keep you there right until the very last track.
Although Atlas is the band’s debut, they’ve been hard at work during their inception in 2009. FALD literally formed from a need to make people dance, tired of watching ‘gig zombies’ stand around at local live shows, they wanted to inspire people to move. Before they had even released a record, they played over 200 gigs earning a reputation for their upbeat, danceable performances. They soon found themselves flying across the Atlantic to SXSW, impressing audiences with their international sound, which led to their 2012 EP Lovers Arcade.
With Atlas, this addictive four-piece will make you dance, sweat and smile – they embody both the fun and introspective elements of youth and have translated them into thirteen perfect tracks.
If you want to catch one of their electrifying live shows, FUCK ART, LET’S DANCE! will be playing at Proud Camden on 22nd February 2014. You can buy your ticket here.
Atlas is released on 28th April 2014 via Audiolith.

Vita Chambers asks ‘What If?’ with new dance-pop single

Canadian pop-princess set to bring GOLD standard to the UK on 31st March

 Vita Chambers - What IfHaving toured with Justin Bieber in her native Canada, Vita Chambers is set to bring her North American success to UK shores with new double a-side ‘Fix You’/‘What If?’

 At only 20 years of age, Vita Chambers has already had a musical career to be admired. Signed at 16 by Universal Motown, after sending them her MySpace address, she has since toured with aforementioned country-mate Bieber and performed at the prestigious Soul Train Awards. However, Vita Chambers soon grew tired of being moulded by her record label.  As a result of this, she has gone out on her own; recently starting her own production company, Gold Note Productions. Now, she is able to fully express her personality and views within her music. Striving for independence and for her voice to be truly heard, this is clearly not your average young artist.
‘Fix You’ is a pure slice of electro dance-pop. It’s tone is more sombre than ‘What If?’ This showcases Vita Chambers’ versatility as a performer. As the reflective verses lead into a soaring chorus; the radio friendly sound that this young artist has created becomes clearly evident. This view has been shared by many, as ‘Fix You’ has already gone gold in Canada. The positive reception that this track has already received has also caused her to be nominated for a Canadian Music ‘Juno Award’ for dance track of the year.
‘What If?’ is an upbeat dance-pop hit in waiting, complete with sing along chorus and a superb vocal performance from Chambers. But underneath the pop sheen, it’s also a song the tackles a serious message – to fall in love with whomever you wish, regardless of race, orientation or other social norms, and do what makes you happy.
‘Fix You’/‘What If?’ marks her first foray into UK territories, where she aims to keep her incredible run of success going.
You can check out the videos here:
‘Fix you’:
‘What If?’:
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