Secret songwriter steps into the spotlight

For many years, Nick Battle has been working behind-the-scenes within the music industry. His songwriting ability has gained him over 30 gold and platinum discs, and though he is far from a household name, his songs and collaborators most certainly are. Working with the likes of Sir Cliff Richard, Michael Ball and Gary Barlow (as well as kick-starting The Spice Girls), he boasts an impressive list of contacts. But that’s not enough for Nick.

Now is his time to take the glory, rather than giving his tracks away – he kept this collection for himself. ‘Love is a Long Road’ looks back on Battle’s life and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Inspired by the singers and songwriters who have influenced him most, this album continues from where 2016 album ‘Big Heart’ left off.

This new album is a chance for people to hear Battle’s music as it was meant to be heard, no artist interpretations, tweaks or re-writes, but the writers pure vision and authentic sound.








Album Preview: Slim Loris transform pain into pleasure with ‘Wild & Untamed’

An artist’s ability to transform personal pain into sonic pleasure is often their greatest asset. A band that know a lot about that process is Slim Loris. Formed in Sweden around 2009, the band comprises of singer/bass-player Mattias Cederstam, guitarist Robert Barrefelt, drummer Jonas Ellenberg and singer/guitarist Leon Lindström. Their earliest releases veered towards to the darker side of life, both lyrically and musically- and that doesn’t even account for the darkness that was manifesting off the record.

This article was originally published on Lightning Nation, continue reading here.

Can We Please Take A Minute To Laugh At Trump?

Music and satire have always gone hand in hand, and ‘Satan’s In Heaven’ by Cholesterol Jones is no exception to this rule. In this video for the times, our favourite US president Donald Trump is shown sporting a lovely set of goats legs, devil horns and trident, a look that suits him a little too much…

Check out the video here: Watch the video to “Satan’s in Heaven” here: 

Jones’s track is a great blues number decorated with catchy, authentic guitar licks that weave in and out of a beautiful blues organ. The focus here is the lyrics and the message though so get your best political activist boots on and join Jones in his quest for a true democracy!

It’s refreshing to see someone say exactly what they think in these times of over the top political correctness and molly coddling of peoples precious opinions, especially when they’re doing it through music so keep up with Cholesterol Jone’s and his revolution here!










if JohnlikeJohn then I Like John

JohnlikeJohn might well be my favourite new discovery. He’s witty, sincere, poetic and kind of cool about it.

His new EP entitled ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’ sums up his brilliant commentary on human existence before you’ve even heard a single note. So far the only glimpse at the full EP we’ve had is this exquisite live video of John and his band playing the beautifully judged ‘I am scared too’. In this it is clear that every word comes from the heart and that he loves what he’s doing. JohnlikeJohn’s brilliant sense of humour also shines through as you hang on every word, epitomised in the line ‘I’m an Aquarius but thats bull’. Think Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, John Cooper Clarke.

Of course, the video showcases his brilliant songwriting, simple chords, simple melodies but together in a very endearing way. With the help of his female backing singer the song has some beautiful harmonies popping in toward the end. The talents of him and his band is obvious however their great personalities also show as they run around town having what likes a great time.

Watch the live version of ‘I am Scared too’ below

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Richard Rhys O'Briens back with 'Sense in our Brains'

 From global economist and futurist to a singer and songwriter producing some of the most memorable songs of recent memory.  Enter Richard Rhys O’Brien, an artist who has yet to fail to inspire thought and emotion with his music, a kind of pop divorced from time and space.  O’Brien recently released his new single “Sense in Our Brains”, clearly in the same vein as some of his earlier work like “Cloud on the Horizon” and “It’s a Dangerous World”, but with an impact and impression all of its own.

Colin Clyne rides the ‘Merry Go Round’ – latest single on June 30th

Upbeat acoustic roots tune taken from album ‘The Never Ending Pageant’ – released 21st July

JSisti_20130423_DSC7506-LScotland born folk singer-songwriter Colin Clyne, a versatile acoustic artist as comfortable spinning off an upbeat folk ditty as a heartrending dose of roots melancholy, returns this summer with excellent single ‘Merry Go Round’, taken from album ‘The Never Ending Pageant’.
The single, a straight, driving example of how to write an acoustic folk track with true momentum and subtle harmonies, mixes Clyne’s Scottish folk heritage with a touch of Americana in the vocal arrangements – thanks perhaps to 10 years spent living in California.
It’s the first song from the new LP, both released through Colin’s hometown label Fat Hippy Records, a burgeoning independent label who have also recently signed a deal with fellow Aberdonian – and runner up on The Voice USA – Terry McDermott.
The album was produced & Engineered by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Alan Sanderson (The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Ryan Adams, Burt Bacharach), and you can hear the first single here:
It’s not difficult to see why his fans include influential new music tastemakers such as Jim Gellatly, John McRuvie, STV and Chris Hawkins of BBC 6 Music – the reflection of an impressive independent career that has seen Clyne support The Red Hot Chilli Pipers (internationally acclaimed Scottish touring band) at a Hogmanay gig in front of 6,000 people, as well as appearing at Belladrum Festival, Edinburgh Festival, The Viper Room in L.A, and the Sacramento Highland Games which boasts over 20,000 people.
Another highlight saw him crowned ‘Best Acoustic Act’ at the San Diego Music Awards in 2011 and 2012 (previously winners include Jewel and Jason Mraz), as well as being named by NBC San Diego as one of San Diego’s top 12 Singer songwriters. That particular list contained an elite list of names, including Jewel, Tom Waits and the late Jim Croce.
It marks an incredible career trajectory for an artist whose first cd was rehearsed and written in the cold store of a ship that he used to work in many years ago. In fact, the lifelong ship worker still does stints at sea from time to time, enjoying the time and space as good song writing inspiration.
All very impressive from an artist who, having severed his fingers in his teens having hardly learned a chord, didn’t touch a guitar again until he was 23.
Single ‘Merry Go Round’ will be released June 30th from the album ‘The Never Ending Pageant’ out July 21st.

Derek Ryan – Hold onto your hat

Derek Ryan feat Sharon Shannon Hold onto your hatIrish Artist pairing with Irish Accordion Icon to create upbeat, fast tempo hit!

Derek Ryan has worked with the Irish country musician to create an unforgettably catchy tune that has its feet firmly planted in the Irish country folk scene.

About Derek Ryan & Sharon Shannon

Derek is an artist who after finding success both in Ireland and the UK, with a boy band called D-Side, has returned to his roots to pursue a solo career producing country folk music. His musical influences were such artists as Johnny Cash and also many of the Irish country stars.

When quizzed about his upcoming single, Sunday World’s “Performer of the Year” said: “I can’t believe I am releasing a song with the one and only Sharon Shannon!  I’ve always listened to her music. She’s worked with some fantastic artists over the years, and she is working with me – it’s unbelievable!

Sharron Shannon is an accordion player who has collaborated with many artists from Shane Mac Gowan of The Pogues to Imelda May, not to forget her number one hit “Galway Girl” with Steve Earle.

This pair look set to be a real summer treat.

Tour Dates

Derek and Sharon will be performing at an Open air event in the Athletic Theatre in Armagh on 31st May,


17th July at the Olympia Dublin Theatre.

You can get your hands on tickets at and


Let us know in the comments what you think of the lyrics in Hold onto your hat!

We personally think they are really catchy.


Ahead of releasing their fourth Album in October, Haight-Ashbury will be supporting Paolo Nutini on his sell out European dates starting this weekend. After taking a break from touring to record their new album, the Glasgow band will be releasing a new single “ Hard Handsome Woman” on September 7th and their own UK/European dates starting in November.
3rd May | Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands
5th May | Le Trianon, Paris, France
7th May | Docks, Hamburg, Germany
8th May | E-Werk, Cologne, Germany
9th May | Backstage Werk, Munich, Germany

Blues Rock/Country band Cowboy Hat release debut album ‘A History of The American West and Other Stories’

Released 3rd June 2014
London based Americana enthusiast Cowboy Hat is set to release debut album in June.
Could it be the best Alt. Country debut album you’ll hear this year? Well, it has already been described as ‘Timeless’ and ‘Lyrically breath taking’. With some strong lyrics based around a historical theme, alongside the rich warm vocals from Nigel Barker, it is certainly an album worth listening to.
Check out track ‘Yeah I Love The South’ Here:
And ‘These Men Dreamed America’ Here:
Singer songwriter Nigel Barker formed Cowboy Hat in 2012 in London which is surprising as the songs are heavily influenced by American music and history. With band members changing over time, he is the only official member of this innovative country rock band.
Nigel Barker’s musical life hasn’t always been an easy ride. When assistant engineering at Air Montserrat Recording Studios for the Elton John ‘Jump Up’ album, he encountered a terrible accident.
On one of his rare days off he crashed his car off a steep drop, the car was upside down and if it hadn’t been for an off duty cop, Nigel would have bled to death. Whilst he narrowly escaped death, he was left without the use of his left hand, which at the time came at a huge blow to his music career as he could not continue on with the record deal he had signed just months ago.
As at this stage Nigel could not continue his dream of music he used his creative energies to become film director, even though he saw some great success creating 3 feature films and winning awards for his work, it didn’t fill that hole that music had left in his life.
Nigel didn’t play his guitar for 30 years after the accident, however after 17 years he got a Harley Davison motorcycle and Nigel believes it was the heavy clutch that built the strength back into his left hand.
When he rediscovered music, he went out and bought the very same guitar he had all those years ago (A sunburst Gibson Les Paul). He spent 18 hours a day practicing until he learnt to play again.
Now back and stronger than ever Nigel is stepping into the spotlight with Cowboy Hat, the music is, raw, rich and full of power. The vocals and lyrical content really are the backbone of this fantastic release. There are big things to come for this innovative record and inspiring man.

PSAPP: New album release date!

Having shared new track ‘Everything Belongs To The Sun’ with us last week, Psapp have confirmed that their new album (What Makes Us Glow’) will be released on November 11th.
(((Listen to ‘Everything Belongs To The Sun’ –
Psapp is made up of Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant who met 12 years ago in a basement somewhere…Their early albums received some decent reviews (‘The Only Thing I Ever Wanted’ and ‘Tiger, My Friend’) but their last album (‘The Camel’s Back’) was not so well received. Pitchfork only gave it a 5.6! Although they wanted to give a 5.63.
They have gained a reputation for cornering the twee market of Juno-types (the film not the goddess of childbirth), who are into mildly melancholic acousticalia with the odd quirk thrown in.
Despite that seemingly patronising critique the band are really pretty decent and new track is also a great listen. It’s got an eerie feel about it, something kind of like something scary creeping up an its unsuspecting prey. Maybe that’s just me.
Although the array of sounds and instruments used on this track certainly does make for a weird and wonderful noise. According to the band “boxes of writhing mealworms, a homemade marimba made from bones and the groans of milk-laden cows” were all used in this album, if not this track alone! Of course the use of writhing mealworms is becoming a bit passé now but Psapp certainly make it work.
A good sign of things to come!
The duo have invited fans to tweet them using the hashtag #thingsthatmakeyouglow and state, what things make you glow…why not give it ‘glow’…
What Makes Us Glow’ Tracklisting:
1. Life Hums 
2. Wet Salt 
3. The Cruel, The Kind, The Bad 
4. Seven 
5. That’s The Spirit 
6. In The Black
7. Everything Belongs To The Sun 
8. Bone Marrow 
9. Your Hot Knife 
10. The Well and The Wall 
11. What Makes Us Glow 
12. In and Out
Everything Belongs To The Sun‘ on Soundcloud
Everything Belongs To The Sun‘ on Youtube
Official Site