The Portland-based trio ’87 and The Toys’ have released their new alt-indie EP ‘Japanesy if you Pleasey’

The seven track’s show the trio’s affinity with off-the-wall indie artists from across the years, showcasing likeness to Violent Femmes and Neutral Milk Hotel, whilst still staying true to their unique quirky style.

The band consists of Dave on Bass and guitar; Hana on min-drum kit, piano, and vocals; and Patrick on rhythm guitar and vocals. The trio have developed a style which incorporates American and Japanese cultures, especially evident in their songs ‘All you can eat sushi’ and ‘Ramen’ which are both on the new EP.

The band also pride themselves on being completely musically authentic. They record strictly without filters, overblown production techniques or autotune. 87 And The Toys subscribe to the school of absolute musical purity which is part of their commitment to their artistic authenticity.

This is shown in their recording techniques as they use their own DIY methods of production, which includes their new EP being entirely recorded on 8-track via a tiny Tascam recorder. 

With a unique sound stemming from their alternative production techniques, 87 And The Toys are one to look out for especially if you’re after old-school punk rock with modern themes. 

Written by Francesca Bass







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