Sixty Seconds on Songwriting with Pat and the Pros

There’s not a corner of this world that music can’t reach, Pat and the Pros are proof of that. Hailing from a remote part of the Indian Ocean, Réunion Island’s Patrice Pouzet is surrounded by the kind of scenery which only exists in holiday brochures and photoshopped desktop backgrounds, yet he has single-mindedly forged a music career completely at odds with his surroundings. We get in touch with ‘the Robinson Crusoe of Rock’ to find out more…

Did you write “Hey Ooo I A O” with the intention of it becoming an earworm?

I wrote this song because I had “Hey Ooo I A O” going in loops in my head! Each time I play this song it stays in the listeners head, that’s why the lyrics end with “now in your head”.

Which acts have inspired you to create music?

Pink Floyd,  Tears for Fears, Simple Mind, U2, Kings of Leon, Sound Garden, Supertramp, EWF, Christopher Cross, Led Zep, Aerosmith, AC/DC, America, Brian Ferry …

You’ve had a lengthy career in music, tell us some of your biggest achievements.

Winning Battle of the Bands in London (at the Fountain) in September 1999 with my previous band from Reunion Island (Parallele). We also managed to play at venues/places like the Garage, The Kings Head, Orange, in London in 1999. In Reunion Island we played at : Theatre de Saint Gilles, Theatre du Tampon, Palaxa which are three of the top theaters/venues.

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