Sixty Seconds on Songwriting with Ricardo Bacelar


Ricardo Bacelar’s third album ‘Sebastiana’ transcends musical styles and extends way beyond trends and fashions. Through a combination of improvisation, meticulous composition and intense studio work, the Brazilian pianist has created a timeless release which is evocative, inspiring and often deeply moving.

What’s the most important thing you learned during the creation of Sebastiana?

Creativity is dynamic- it’s related to life itself with its phases and seasons.

How did you put your own twist on the traditional?

Brazilian music has a personality of its own, from a harmonious and melodic point of view. Brazil is a country of many influences so I used elements from all over Latin America to add value to this re-reading of the Brazilian music.

What do you want your fans to know about the album?

That the album is more than a collection of songs. It is a concept, which brings a musical language, brings a visual aesthetic, a discourse on Latin America, an homage to the musician Jackson do Pandeiro, the painter Di Cavalcanti, the affirmation of the Brazilian music.

Were there any surprises during the process?

I met Cesar Lemos [associate producer on Sebastiana] by chance, a great friend who had not seen for a long time, a successful producer and former roommate, when we shared an apartment in Rio de Janeiro, in the eighties. We spent 25 years without meeting and, when I turned 50, we met by chance to do make this record. For me they were very significant ages and surrounded by superstition, which gave me a special feeling about this project.


Sebastiana is available to buy here.


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