Drummers are the new frontmen? Dead Days prove this with crushing track ‘Fight’

With rise of bands such as Royal Blood & Slaves, drummers as frontmen is becoming more common practice in rock music, and Dead Days prove this trend is growing with their alternative-rock banger ‘Fight’.

Following the release of their debut album Start Over Again, Dead Days already have airplay on Kerrang! radio and praise from Tom Robinson at BBC Radio 6 under their belts.

‘Fight’ is a crushing anthem that teases the release of their upcoming EP All Your Lies. Dead Days have nailed the riff-orientated music that Royal Blood are revitalising and Dead Days are testament to the fact that rock music is not dead; only evolving.

What Dead Days present is a no fooling around track, a track that is aggressive and hard hitting that is bound to get the listener moving about; along with it’s catchy hooks.

What differentiates the band with the aforementioned influences is a tinge of Nu-Metal influences akin to SoiL, maybe the seven string guitar has something to do with this, but nevertheless it adds to the in your face the genre needs whilst making it refreshing to hear such an iconic sound involved in their music.

Mixing the thunderous tonality with the catchy vocals, the song is fit for any festival and arena, with an influence from Foo Fighters and even early Biffy Clyro, Dead Days encapsulate that alternative rock sound and keep it fresh.

All Your Lies is out on the 25th of September, to keep up to date with the upcoming release check out their social network links below;