Track Review: ‘Talk’ by Gulf

The duo of Femi Fadero & Mark Jones; have cemented their sound with their latest project Gulf and the new track ‘Talk’.

The first taste of what is to come from their upcoming E.P. The Liverpudlian duo have been playing music together for around six years under different aliases but have finally settled with Gulf.

Upon first listen it is a beautiful composition with a mixture of modern dream pop and classic disco and upbeat dance elements. That screams originality and could be the start of a unique turn for the Indie world.

The track is introduced by jangly guitars akin to Mac Demarco, with the slacker-pop texture of a simple yet effective guitar riff layered with effects, in an almost jarring yet fitting way.

The vocals then coming in with a soulful yet haunting melody line, where contemporary meets classic, the 1980’s dance (and even new-wave!) influence is definitely apparent in the vocals; particularly in the verse.

Each cadence of the chorus features a specific point where the guitar becomes even more jarring, alongside the haunting vocals, this features a dissonant yet consistent and authentic sound, a bittersweet tone, almost giving a sense of breaking apart and chaos before mellowing out into the verse.

The pre-chorus and the chorus is where the listener is brought back to the present and we have that indie-pop familiarity. The repetitive nature of the chorus is strongly structured with an eclectic range of influences, it maintains the dance-like rhythm whilst achieving the sing-a-long attributes of pop.

This track is a testament to taking an already established genre and where it can go, pushing the boundaries furthermore. With the dance accessibility to pop music, it opens doors to a formulaic genre to be evermore original. Not only will fans of indie-pop enjoy this track, but fans of alternative rock genres and even psychedelia will also enjoy this tune.

‘Talk’ is out 28th of July, for now you can keep up with Gulf on their social network pages;