Track Review: ‘Borrowed Words’ by Luna Blue

Brighton’s indie troupe Luna Blue prepare for the release of their debut E.P. Nightjar giving listeners a taste with their new single ‘Borrowed Words’.

The upcoming released is inspired by the tragic loss of a friend who was killed by a drunk driver. The band have since performed with a live orchestra and raised money for the friends favorite charity; Nordoff-Robbins.

The first single to be released off of the E.P is a funk-infused indie anthem titled ‘Borrowed Words’ focused around the topic of saying or doing something to please another.

The song opens with the familiar indie texture fans of the genre will know, but with a touch of that choppy funk sound on the guitars, giving off a Chili Peppers vibe – with a strong falsetto that the guitar accompanies, instantly creating an upbeat – dance like tonality. The song is also opened by the chorus hook, which is a combination of the strong falsettos and vocalist Tom High’s strong deliverance.

The verses are backed  by strong, powerful vocalists which do not hold back and are given a chance to show what they can do. Along with intricate and funky basslines, which hold their own, filled with stops which add to the dynamic and pacing of the song.

Halfway through the tune we are treated to a breakdown filled with anticipation, thought out through rests, and gives a refreshing turn to the song – and then concludes with the final verse, along with Ryan Wellman putting his stamp on the song with a rock solo that maintains the upbeat personality the song has.

Nightjar E.P. Teaser, by Luna Blue / Source: Luna Blue (youtube)

‘Borrowed Words’ is out on the 28th July, for now you can keep up with them on their social network pages as well as soundcloud and spotify;