Sub Myth Rock Group release new Single!

Sub Myth
Before we talk about the band and their single here is what the press had to say about their music:
“This outfit have a tasty way with a trad-indie-alt-rock tune and there’s a rising taste for this sort of thing in the face of the deluge of hideously cheesy dance-pop…”
Thomas H Green – Daily Telegraph/Arts Desk/Mixmag/Napster
“They are the kind of band you’ll be lucky enough to see up close and personal in a small venue, as a growing name… Until they hit the mega bucks, and they’ll be headlining festivals before you know it.”
Suzie Kidger – News Reviews
“…With sing-a-long melodies, conventional structures and a radio friendly quality, there’s little to stop this band becoming a household name in time to come… Heavily influenced by those who have profited from the Goo Goo Dolls, Seether and Matchbox 20 sound, their music is marketable…”
Damian Burke – Doughnut Magazine
I’m sure you will agree pretty good references! Now onto the song.
The track opens with a great line about the queen of hearts, it goes:
“Now Alice said how welcome sing for the Queen of Hearts, and if she doesnt like it its a place you cant depart”
We’re not quite sure what it means, but it has something to do with Alice in Wonderland. Regardless its and effective lead in to the rock onslaught that follows!
Dont take our word for it take a listen to this thrashing good show here: Soundcloud.
Tell us your favourite line in the comments!

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