PSAPP: New album release date!

Having shared new track ‘Everything Belongs To The Sun’ with us last week, Psapp have confirmed that their new album (What Makes Us Glow’) will be released on November 11th.
(((Listen to ‘Everything Belongs To The Sun’ –
Psapp is made up of Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant who met 12 years ago in a basement somewhere…Their early albums received some decent reviews (‘The Only Thing I Ever Wanted’ and ‘Tiger, My Friend’) but their last album (‘The Camel’s Back’) was not so well received. Pitchfork only gave it a 5.6! Although they wanted to give a 5.63.
They have gained a reputation for cornering the twee market of Juno-types (the film not the goddess of childbirth), who are into mildly melancholic acousticalia with the odd quirk thrown in.
Despite that seemingly patronising critique the band are really pretty decent and new track is also a great listen. It’s got an eerie feel about it, something kind of like something scary creeping up an its unsuspecting prey. Maybe that’s just me.
Although the array of sounds and instruments used on this track certainly does make for a weird and wonderful noise. According to the band “boxes of writhing mealworms, a homemade marimba made from bones and the groans of milk-laden cows” were all used in this album, if not this track alone! Of course the use of writhing mealworms is becoming a bit passé now but Psapp certainly make it work.
A good sign of things to come!
The duo have invited fans to tweet them using the hashtag #thingsthatmakeyouglow and state, what things make you glow…why not give it ‘glow’…
What Makes Us Glow’ Tracklisting:
1. Life Hums 
2. Wet Salt 
3. The Cruel, The Kind, The Bad 
4. Seven 
5. That’s The Spirit 
6. In The Black
7. Everything Belongs To The Sun 
8. Bone Marrow 
9. Your Hot Knife 
10. The Well and The Wall 
11. What Makes Us Glow 
12. In and Out
Everything Belongs To The Sun‘ on Soundcloud
Everything Belongs To The Sun‘ on Youtube
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