Paul Tully tackles ‘Anxiety’ head-on with latest single

Talented singer songwriter Paul Tully is on the cusp of releasing his latest single Anxiety (due 30th September).

The emotive track shines a light on anxiety, a disorder affecting millions across the globe yet still largely misunderstood.

Addressing this serious and emotional subject, Paul hopes the track will instil confidence in his fans, helping others dealing with anxiety to understand that they are not alone.

“I’m hoping the song could bring a sense of comfort to those suffering from anxiety and let them know they aren’t alone. When I wrote the song in June of this year, we were in the middle of lockdown and there was a real uncertainty regarding our health and well-being of not only ourselves but those closest to us.”

Anxiety is a track that firmly establishes Tully as an emotive storyteller; a songwriter who knows how to truly connect with his audience through music.

“We have ever-increasing living costs, the never-ending Brexit and a complete lack of job security – people really are at their wits end. The song basically describes my experience with anxiety and I hope it can help anyone listening and know that they aren’t alone”.

Paul Tully is one of Ireland’s best kept secrets. Having established himself as a talent in his hometown of Strabane, Paul has continued to blossom in the Irish music scene, supporting the likes of Paddy Casey and Paul Brady.

That’s not all. Paul Tully’s 2013 debut EP Lyric for the Lost remains a firm fan favourite to both audiences and Irish radio. Since then, Paul has performed alongside some incredible artists, from Foy Vance and Cara Dillon – to the Grammy Award-winning Jim Lauderdale as part of the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival.

Honest, moving and authentic, Paul Tully creates incredible tracks with meaning. Anxiety is a perfect example of Paul Tully’s storytelling and thought-provoking style that is truly like no other.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

Alicia Keyes’ new album ‘ALICIA’ is coming later this week

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Alicia Keys has revealed that her new album ‘ALICIA‘ will arrive later this week.

Following on from 2016’s ‘Here’, it will mark the singer-songwriter’s seventh studio effort and has so far been previewed with ‘So Done’ (featuring Khalid), ‘Love Looks Better’, ‘Perfect Way To Die’ and ‘Good Job’.

Keys took to social media yesterday (September 14) to confirm that ‘ALICIA’ will be released this coming Friday (September 18), after the coronavirus crisis resulted in a number of delays.

In celebration of its arrival, the singer will perform “a visual, sonic and emotional” live-streamed show in partnership with American Express. “One night only!! I can’t wait to rock with you. I’ve missed you so much!” she wrote.

Are you excited for some new Alicia Keyes music?

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Nonviolenze combines Music, Poetry and Art to become the full artistic package

Texas-based Nonviolenze provides a fully immersive experience for fans with his seamlessly creative blend of music, poetry and art.

The artistic polymath enchants audiences with jazz-infused songs, accompanied by stunning paintings and even poetry.

Nonviolenze can truly do it all.

Ghosts of War, lead single off his upcoming album of the same name, is Nonviolenze’s next creative expression. Combining all forms of art into an enticing track that looks to religion as a whole and questions how scriptures of all faiths often lead to division, hate and war.

Breaking boundaries and challenging concepts, Nonviolenze is a thought-provoking and multi-talented singer-songwriter, whose musical and artistic approach is the definition of unique.

Lead track Ghosts of War is just a week away from release (16th September), and the perfect warm up to the full project due on 18th September 2020.

The singer-songwriter fuses rock with jazz, pop and blues to create stunning tracks and an impressive blend of genres. Exploring a range of themes and topics that will have you questioning and challenging the world around you.

Nonviolenze’s upcoming album, Ghosts of War, is certainly unconventional but undeniably engaging and original.

The project is set to bring together both electronic and acoustic influence, challenging listeners through lyricism on a range of topics including politics, religion and equality.

Nonviolenze is an artist that demands to be heard. Like no other, Ghosts of War is set to stand out from the musical crowd and establish Nonviolenze as an artist in his own lane.

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Sophie Dorsten is our incredible Weekly Wordsmith

At just 18 years old, Sophie Dorsten is a singer-songwriter talented beyond her years.

Sophie begun her ventures into music at the age of just 9, performing in a band alongside her brothers playing bass guitar and singing.

Aptly-titled band ‘Sophie and the Boyz’ performed together for 3 years, an experience that introduced Sophie to the world of music and live performance.

But all good things come to an end, Sophie explains…

“The little band broke up and I taught myself guitar and started writing songs. I wrote and recorded my first EP when I was 13 and have not stopped.”

Sophie Dorsten has been honing and perfecting her craft ever since, creating an acoustic-pop sound that is a pleasure to listen to.

Our first introduction to Sophie was through her single ‘Tomorrow’. An easy listening tune featuring Sophie’s ethereal vocals, beautiful harmonies and soft pianos.

The track is a must listen, see for yourself.

“I wrote ‘Tomorrow‘ about the unknown of what tomorrow brings. For me it was because I was a senior in high school (yes, I’m a 2020 grad!) and I didn’t know what to expect after graduation.

As it turns out, none of us knew this all would be happening, and I feel the song has taken on a new meaning because of Covid. ‘I can hardly breathe now, how do I breathe Tomorrow…’ defines the song; we do not know what tomorrow holds…but it’s alright, it’ll be ok.”

So what’s next for the talented Sophie Dorsten?

“I have been using this strange time of no shows to write and paint (art calms me and helps me re-focus.) I have several songs in the works and hope to be going back to Nashville to record them as soon as possible..

..I am also working on a music video for ‘Tomorrow’ on my own – the original plans were changed with everyone in quarantine, so I made a new plan and I’m trying to finish that.”

This incredible songwriter has already made her mark on music at the tender age of 18.

With plenty more music in the bank, there is so much more to come from Sophie Dorsten.

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Dream Team Sia and David Guetta premiere their new single exclusively on TikTok

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David Guetta and Sia have pre-released their new single ‘Let’s Love’ for a five-day premiere exclusively on TikTok.

TikTok fans will be able to use the new David Guetta and Sia track before it is officially released on September 11 in their own video creations. A 15 second edit is live on the TikTok Sounds Page.

An official press release stated: “Guetta is encouraging fans to show the things they love with a unique hashtag challenge (#LetsLove) on the platform all week. Calling on fans around the world to share their stories of positivity, love and happiness, David has filmed his own messages that encourage users to participate.”

Talking about the release with TikTok David Guetta said: “I’m so happy and excited to be working with Sia again and to share this sneak preview for our fans on TikTok. I can’t wait to see your own creations to our music. Enjoy the vibe and Let’s Love together.”

Thomas Cerha from TikTok said: “We’re delighted that David and Sia have chosen TikTok to share their new single with fans. We can’t wait to hear the track and see how our community embrace the music, sharing their own ‘Let’s Love’ stories and creations with David.”

An incredibly interesting use of the trending platform that is TikTok, and an innovative way to market a new single.

Will we see this method crop up more often in Music?

One thing is for sure, David Guetta and Sia make one hell of a duo!

Reported By: Jessica Rowe.

T-Flavour is our ultra talented Weekly Wordsmith

We’re back to share with you the best wordsmith we’ve come across all week, get ready for witty lyricism and an incredible flow, this week’s talent is truly off the scale.

Our weekly wordsmith for this week is the talented T-Flavour, a Sweden based rapper whose immense Soundcloud success is only the beginning for the young star.

Catchy, commercial and unique T-Flavour has a sound that’s destined for success.

We caught up with T-Flavour to find out more about his music and songwriting process.

Tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up & how did you get started in Music?

My stage name is T-Flavour, but my friends call me Tamik. I grew up in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, but later moved to Sweden. As a kid I’ve been a huge fan of Pop and Rap, with my favourite song being “Mirror” performed by the two favourite artists of my childhood – Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars.

By the age of 16 I’ve started making music myself. At first it was just beats. However, after some time I felt that with beats I couldn’t fully express myself, and so I’ve tried rapping. It was really hard at first. My first song was recorded on the headphones’ microphone and mixed in a video editor. As you can imagine the result wasn’t that great, however with time it got better.

Eventually, after dozens of sleepless nights I discovered my sound. Now, I’m proud to say that I make the music I love, and I’m happy that a lot of people seem to love it too.

Where does your songwriting process start? Is it beats or lyrics?

At first it would start with the beats, however nowadays I do not make beats myself anymore. Usually, producers hit me up on Instagram offering their beats, and if I like it, we start working. Or, if I find a beat I like, I hit up the producer and start making the song.

Then comes the songwriting. I write all of my songs myself. Every single word you see in my songs is me. Usually it all comes with freestyling – I hear the beat and start rapping to it. In 9 out of 10 cases this is the part when you know if the song is gonna be fire.

The best indicator of the song being catchy is when I freestyle the lyrics and days after that I still remember them, even without ever recording the song.

The last step is mixing and mastering. As I am a producer myself, I mix and master my music myself. I am very picky about it… like very picky! Especially when it comes to small things. Also, it’s really hard for me to work with other people. I guess I’m a loner in that way .

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I draw all of my inspiration from life. All of my songs are based on the things that happen or happened in my life. My album “Wayward Son” is a good example of it. It tells about the hardships that I went through over the last year of making music; about the disbelief of people in what I do; and how quickly and suddenly the close ones that I thought would be with me for life, just disappear and get so distant, that it feels like everything you did together, just never happened.

But don’t get it twisted, I put the positive energy in my music too. My biggest songs were written when I’ve had the best time of my life, surrounded by the people I love.

When it comes to the artists that inspire me, the biggest example is probably Post Malone – one of my favorite artists. I love how without any obvious vocal or lyrical talents this guy has achieved everything he has achieved. I love his music and how he mixes genres in his songs.

T-Flavours favourite track

My favourite song from my whole discography is “Deep In the Night”. It’s a song that I’ve written at one of the lowest points in my life, while constantly being depressed and feeling as lonely as ever. Writing songs has always helped get rid of the bad vibes. It kinda feels like I pour all of this bad energy into words, and this way it gets easier. I really hope that my songs can make it easier for other people too. This is one of the main reasons why I do music.

What are some of your goals & dreams within Music?

Well, I have some huge dreams and ambitions, but I try to stay realistic. I would be thankful, and I would feel blessed, if I ever get a chance of doing music full time, making living out of it.

However, my biggest mission in music is to spread good vibes and help people. I feel that musicians are real influencers and it’s in our hands to spread a good message and help those who need the help.

I do not consider myself a huge artist or anything, but it always makes me feel so good and proud when I see people reach me and tell me how my music makes their day, or how it helps them fight depression, or how they can relate to it. This is why I make music, and this is why I will never give up on my dream of making it big.

So what’s next for T-Flavour?

I am working on a music video right now for my new song, so hopefully that is going to be the next step! Together with that a lot of singles are on the way! The final goal for the year would be to drop an album and a small EP. I really hope that by 2021 I can establish myself as an artist with a strong audience, and hopefully I have my first show!

Check out T-Flavour’s song recommendations!

Ballads 1 by Joji is fire! Test Drive, Slow Dancing in the Dark or Yeah Right are perfect for night drives, or if you just wanna vibe.

Check out this incredible artist and follow the journey!

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

Singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle dies aged 38

Original Article

Singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle has died aged 38, according to a statement on his social media accounts.

“It is with tremendous sadness that we inform you of the passing of our son, husband, father and friend Justin,” said the statement. “So many of you have relied on his music and lyrics over the years and we hope that his music will continue to guide you on your journeys. You will be missed dearly Justin.”

No cause of death has been confirmed.

Earle was the son of Steve Earle and took part of his name from the singer Townes Van Zandt.

Early in his career, he was named new and emerging artist of the year by the Americana Music Association.

Justin Townes Earle’s most recent album, The Saint of Lost Causes, was released last year.

Our thoughts are with Justin’s family and friends at this difficult time. May his music continue to be enjoyed by fans across the globe. A true songwriting talent who will be sorely missed.

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

Joseph Bell is our next Weekly Wordsmith

We’re super excited to be bringing you our next Weekly Wordsmith feature on the incredible Joseph Bell.

Joseph Bell is an eccentric singer-songwriter, inspired by weird and wonderful legends such as David Bowie and Kate Bush.

Bell fuses a classic acoustic style, with innovative electronic elements to create a truly original sound and tone to his Music.

Our initial introduction to Joseph Bell was his single ‘Dancing Days’, a smooth acoustic track featuring bright guitars and Bell’s softly rough vocals.

Listen to Dancing Days HERE

We were fortunate enough to catch up with the talented Joseph Bell to find out a little more about ‘Dancing Days’. He comments-

‘I actually wrote the first version of ‘Dancing Days’ about two or three years ago. It was about feeling like I’m never doing enough, spending time with my friends or enjoying life when I should be spending more time doing music.

I’ve only started to accept that you can’t force it and it’s better to enjoy life than putting too much pressure on yourself! Working on the song helped me relax. Earlier this year, I had a session with Tsatsamis, who produced the track.

I’d struggled to find the right production for the song, but he had some amazing ideas so we recorded the guitars and went from there. Then we finished it over lockdown – I rewrote the chorus and recorded the vocals in my bedroom!’

If there’s one positive thing to come out of the recent global pandemic it’s the influx of incredible songs, written, recorded and produced whilst the world shut down for a few months.

Dancing Days is one of these songs, emotive yet smooth the single is the definition of easy listening. The perfect track to soundtrack a slow Sunday afternoon and definitely one to pop on your favourite playlist.

So how does Joseph Bell go about creating such quality tracks?

“The process is pretty different each time! I’ve recently started writing over beats a lot more, but I still write most of my songs on guitar. Sometimes I come up with an idea on my laptop and then transfer it to guitar, or the other way round.

Sometimes it’s a sound or a sample that gets things going. I usually write the music first and the lyrics after that, but I think it’s important to keep the process fresh.”

With the full Dancing Days EP due in October of this year & a new single in September, there’s plenty of exciting things on the horizon for Bell. 

‘I’ve got so many songs hidden away but it’s about finding the right people to help bring them to life too.

There’s a lot of people I’d love to collaborate with – I’m planning to start DMing anyone I like who comes up on my Spotify playlists! I’m really trying to make as much music as I can right now and keep improving.’

Check out Joseph Bell’s song recommendation HERE!

‘Anything from the new Another Sky album ‘I Slept on the Floor’. It bangs. I especially love ‘Tree’ and ‘Fell in Love With the City’. The whole album is amazing though, epic vocals, dreamy guitars and really intricate production.’

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Britney Spears set to challenge her Father’s control over her conservatorship

Original Article

Britney Spears, via her lawyer, has said that she no longer wants her father, Jamie Spears, in sole control of her conservatorship.

In a new report from the New York Times, Britney’s lawyer Samuel D. Ingham III submitted a filing earlier this week where he said that she thinks her conservatorship “must be changed substantially in order to reflect the major changes in her current lifestyle and her stated wishes.”

According to NYT, this has come after an extended period of time where Britney showed no public desire to change any aspects of the conservatorship, or comment on it at all.

The private nature of the conservatorship – which has been in place since Britney’s breakdown in 2007 – has sparked concern among her friends, fans and even family, who worry that she, and her finances, are being mishandled by her father.

This development comes after the recent #FreeBritney trend, where concerned fans expressed their scepticism for her father’s control over her conservatorship. It will be interesting to see how far Britney takes it.

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

Weekly Wordsmith- Ptree

It’s that time again, we’re shining the songwriting spotlight on another one of our Weekly Wordsmiths. This week is talented artist Ptree. 

Ptree (real name Prithvi Prajosh) is from Kerala India, but spent most of his upbringing in Dubai UAE. Ptree credits his start in Music to his Mum, he explains-

‘It all started when my mom quite honestly forced me into learning how to play the keyboard as a kid. Spoiler alert, I hated it. Gosh I hated the classes so much I even stopped.’ 

But the story has a happy ending as, with the rise of platforms such as Youtube, Ptree became once again hooked on the idea of music. Into his teen years Ptree began to dabble in songwriting, find his sound and express the world as he saw it through Music.

Yet for a long time, music and songwriting was nothing more than a hobby for Ptree. After completing schooling, obtaining a Degree in Computer Science and even working for 2 years in Sales, Ptree finally decided to pursue a career in music. 

With some prompting from supportive friends and family, Ptree achieved a place at the world renowned Berklee College of Music. 

Since then his music career has skyrocketed, from performing on radio stations, to writing songs for ESPNCrincifo, Ptree’s career has got off to an incredible start. 

Ptree’s musical vision is simple-

‘I want to make music I would listen to myself as of now, they’re predominantly piano-driven melodies with a soulful voice’

Ptree’s indie-pop ballads are pure quality, oozing feel good and easy vibes to soundtrack a slow Sunday in the breeze. 

There are so many exciting things in the pipeline for Ptree, with a new single “Walking on Mars” coming on 21st August, and second EP due in October 2020 the future is bright for Ptree.

Check out Ptree’s song recommendation! 

‘I’ve been listening to a lot of Thomas Ng, an up and coming R&B artist studying at Berklee with me. His newest single ‘Stay’ is so good.’

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Written By: Jessica Rowe